Indestructable Sand Leapers in Normal ??

Ed from Russia

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Indestructable Sand Leapers in Normal ??

I had the weirdest thing yesterday:

I was going through Normal Act II, and I ran into an ordinary Sand Leaper (not a champion or anything) that I simply could not kill. He had about 1 point of life and no matter how many times I struck him with Fire Ball, Ice Blast or simply by hitting him with my staff, he didn't go down. My Merc didn't see him, and he didn't seem to target my merc. But I did get damage whenever he hit me. In the end I just had to swallow my pride and run.

Anyone see this before? I was playing single-player offline.


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I had this once ages ago, the little cretin just kept following me around the Plains until I tp'd back to PF and then WP'd to city of damned.

I tried killing for about ten mins with namelock and was getting slighlty(!) frustrated.

That was on Bnet.


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IIRC it happens if you are reducing one to exactly 0 life while it's jumping or something like that, but I'm not really sure. That does happen in normal more often because the chance to hit exactly 0 life is greater there. It happens to me a few times and normally I outrun them in such a case. That's not too difficult because they jump very erratically, so sooner or later it will be too far away or it gets stuck somewhere.


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I also had this problem. I found if you tp-ed out, waited a short time and then returned you would be able to kill him. I think I made a thread about it too in the SPF if you want to dig it up.


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This happens a lot to my classic blizzard sorc. It's not a big pain since they do only low damage and teleporting away is no problem. Much lesser this happen with flayers too.

I guess it's the same bug as the one I encountered with my smiter. I was in the Furnance of Pain fighting some knights, life tap was already casted, as one of them cursed me with IM. Wasn't fast enough to stop smiting. After this single hit I was kind of dead. My body was laying there but I was still able to run arround but monsters have ignored me.
The explanation which came to my mind was that IM killed me as it shoud but a very instant later life tap aplayed the bonus and brought my life over zero. The test to bring up the "you where killed" screen resulted in I'am still alive and therefore I was in a state originally not foreseen.

To the creepers issue I was never able to kill them with tricks like changing act using a tp or something like this. They simply stayed in the same state.