Indestructable Barb: Update


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Indestructable Barb: Update

I thought I'd update the saga of my 4 year old sons quest to play Diablo since you guys were so great about giving me pointers a few weeks ago.

Right now he's in Act 3, lvl 25 and is truely indestructable. I was lucky enough to find Sigons Shield, Boots and Gloves with my Sorc, whose now to NM Meph, and those items along with a little Kings Grace sword I made him are working great! He can literally stand in the middle of a crowd and not take any damage whatsoever. I've only played Sorcs and Zons so it's amazing to me how powerful this guy is even with modest twinking.

I was a little doubtful at first, thats why I came here for help, but thanks to the guys who responded to me plea I now think he'll make it through rather easily.

Now if you guys could only help me with my Sorc..LOL! Those little doll suckers on Durance of hate lvl2 kick my butt even with max block. I can kill fast, but they kill faster..hehe. Of course, if Meph would just drop something worth a damn it would be worth it, but so far the only good drops have come from Sparkfist. I guess I need to up my MF which is 156% right now.

Take care all, and thanks again for the help!

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Sigons is great gear for a barb in normal. Even works well in early NM. By then he'll be switching out some of his own gear anyway.:grin:

Like WA said, what type of sorc. do you have? 156% isn't bad if you are playing her untwinked or have limited items due to restart. The thing to remember is patients. Eventually meph will drop you more mf items or better gear. Just try to find the most efficient way for yourself to run him.

Thats just my 2 cents. The other guys, and EUs, here know way more than me. I'm still learning from them every day.


156 MF is all you need really. Like the other guy said, patience is important. Your not going to find anything really good from NM meph on your first run. He is worth running however, I think he can drop a wizardspike and hoz which would both be worth it. Try and get your merc a kelpies snare, and you won't have any trouble with meph because of the 75% slow. Anyways, good luck.


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Good that your son enjoys the eternal cycle of D2 too! Now, as skunk once suggested, train him to run meph, baal and pinddle and sell the items in ebay :evil: ...... nah, just enjoy the game :wink3:

156% is not bad, although upping it will result in better chances, here's how you can with untwinked equipment:

4os (os = open sockets) armor filled with Perfect Topazes= 96% MF
3os helmet filled with Perfect Topazes= 72% MF
Amulet can be gambled, found or buyed with MF property, at least 20% MF
Use your weapon to bring meph down to 5% health, then switch to a MF weapon (gull for example) for the killer blow (gull=100% MF)

This setup bring 96 + 72 + 20 + 100 = 288% MF, which effectively doubles your chance for uniques and sets to drop. You can use the rest of your equipment (rings,shield,boots,belt,glove) to have resists (priority), +life(second priority or top priority along with resistances, it's up to you), FCR (another good thing to have) +mana (frostburn gloves for example), etc.

Everything is relatively easy to get, except maybe with the gull dagger, but you can easily find it through your journey, if you don't, just anything on switch which grants MF for the killer blow with Meph.

For the dolls, be aware they do their real damage when they explode (or die) close to you, their damage is the HP they have, and in a high players settings they can kill you easily in one single blow if not careful, be aware your merc is immune to the "explosion" they do when they die, so make him tank for you when the dolls appear (use teleport to your advantage).

Meph itself it's not very hard, if you close use static field (if you are confident enough), then go for the skills itself switching your weapon for the final blow. If meph is hard, use the moat trick.


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I still think that Whirlwind might not be a bad investment at level30 - you're son might think it's a fun skill to hold the mouse down and whirl around killing everything (to me, it's a lot more fun than concentrate, but I'm not 4).

However, WW's a slower killer early on because of the -50% damage, so that might deter him. Also, you'll need a lot more Mana and Life leech to keep a whirler going, but the offer is still open if you want some free equipment (my equipment's from the RRM/RWM mod though).

Nevertheless, I'm glad to hear that he's doing well and having fun. I'm curious on how he does in the Chaos Sanctuary; you might need to help him a little on skill-switches there (i.e. switch between Berserk and Concentrate for him, and drink a few potions).

It looks like the others have already got the sorc advice covered, so I won't re-type that wheel.


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Its great to hear that your sun is enjoying himself. If you do decide to use whirlwind, I recommend that you get him the unique exceptional sword Bloodletter. The +1 to 3 whirlwind and + 2 to 4 sword mastery really helps to negate the -50% damage that level 1 whirlwind has. I've got a spare one you can have if you don't have it. Also ake sure that he has some mana leech as whitlwind just eats through the mana pool like you wouldn't believe.

As to the sorc - my advice would be to simply teleport past the dolls. Also, if the waypoint is far from the entrance to level three, re-roll the map (by starting a game in a different difficulkty or a multiplayer game) until you get one that is close. That should allow you to avoid the dolls and farm Meph much quicker.

Hope that helps