Indestructable Barb help needed....


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Indestructable Barb help needed....

Hey guys!

Here's the deal. My 5 year old son has been fooling around with a Barb and now wants to play further into the game. At first, just messing around in the Blood Moor was good enough. But, having watched me, he now wants to go to "the desert" (act2), "the jungle"(Act3), "the moon"(act4)hmmm, not sure how he got that..hehe, etc. The biggest problem is I just started up again(thanks to him) so I lack any real twinking gear plus I've never played a Barb in D2.

So far, he's made it through Act1 and just hit Act2. He's got a 3 socket helm with ruby's, a 3 socket armor with ruby's, an Umbral disk shield and a rare crystal sword..All found by my Meteorb which is only lvl49 in Act1 NM. His merc also has socketed armor/helm with rubys and a pike with 20-100 damage and Amplify. Up til now it's been smooth sailing. He basically takes zero damage and kills most everything with 1 hit.

My question is, what would you guys recommend in the way of distribution of skill points, type of gear, etc. with a target goal of making this Barb indestructable, keeping in mind he'll never leave normal level? At 5, my sons control of the mouse isn't perfect and rather than being scared by the action he tends to get excited, laughing, getting distracted by weird stuff he'll notice about the color of a monster, you name it..LOL! In other words, he takes a beating sometimes:)

So what I need is a Barb that can withstand punishment without death and deal enough damage to kill stuff too. with staying alive being most important. Ideas?

Thanks, guys!

Sir Dante

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Great Helm Sol Sol Sol
Gothic Plate Sol Sol Sol Sol
Cathans Ring 6% (Life Leech)
Angelic Ring
Angelic Amulet
Bone Snap With an Amn 7% (Life Leech)
Sigons Gloves Belt an Boots (10% Life Leech)

Base strength 70

Rest into Vitality

Concentrate on Right Click Battle Orders on Left

Get max resists from Charms

This will give Damage reduced by 51 with 23% life leech and a thousand life.

In Normal he can run around just clicking and have no chance of death. But you will have to keep him out of the Chaos Sanctuary.

You should be able to rush yourself a character to Nightmare Countess and Andariel and get most of this gear in a day.


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First, I think you want to load up on as much LifeLeech as you can (and mana leech as you go on). If you take handouts, I can give you a couple of Cathan's rings, as well as a Wormskull helm. I can spare quite a variety of other low-end equipment too, if you have any requests.

For leveling and questing through normal, my suggestion would be to plan your weapon and then pick a weapon mastery (swords are probably best) and put the first several skill points into the mastery. Once he reaches 18, switch to Concentration and put the next ~10 points there, before switching to Whirlwind and putting the remaining points in it.

... assuming he doesn't progress beyond normal. PM/post your email if you want some items, and don't be afraid to draw up a wishlist.


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They don't get much more indestructible than the Concbarb.

Whatever you do, just make sure he has life and mana leech, put Concentrate on right click, and he will literally walk through the game simply by holding the right mouse button down. Should be slow going, but very safe. Ditch the Crystal Sword ASAP for something meaner, the lowly Civerb's Cudgel is an angry beatin' stick, or try Cleglaw's Sword/Shield combo.

If your kid is particularly industrious, an investment into Battle Orders will surely make him ridiculously powerful well into Nightmare. Enjoy!



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Hey guys, thank you very much!!!

It sounds like you're all pretty much saying the same thing and it makes sense to me. I should be able to find a Sigons Shield I'd think, not so sure about the Bonesnap but we'll see. For now we're going sword/shield but I need to get my Sorc to NM Meph asap. Right now he's lvl 16 so at 18 I'll start concentrate and throw 1 in Iron Skin. With decent Armor, leech, the stuff you guys recomended and a defiance Act 2 merc he should be good to go.

sirpoopsalot: thank you for the offer but if I took you up on it I'd probably never get my guy to Meph..LOL!...

I wonder who the youngest person to reach Slayer is? I said my son was 5, but actually he won't be 5 til the end of next month. 8 weeks, 4 Acts?...He could do it at 4..haha

Thanks again guys...your advice will be very much appreciated by Zach I assure you:)


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chillnkill said:
I wonder who the youngest person to reach Slayer is? I said my son was 5, but actually he won't be 5 til the end of next month. 8 weeks, 4 Acts?...He could do it at 4..haha

Talk about pressure!!

C'mon son... I want you to get out there and slay all the demonic hordes, there's my boy!!




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I'd like to know if he does it... My boy's two, he oohs and ahhs for about a minute, then he gets distracted and runs somewhere else. :grin:


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If you want to go bone snap with him I have one i found the other day that Im not very likly to use


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This story is quite cute :smiley:

Father and son, defeating the minions of hell together. It sounds like an epic!


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P§ÃÇHÕ said:
This story is quite cute :smiley:

Father and son, defeating the minions of hell together. It sounds like an epic!
I agree with Sir Dante above about the Sol runes and the above posters about concentration - by far the safest barb skill. The sol runes make you almost indestructable, however you can't put them on till lvl 27. In the mean time the full Sigons set rocks and looks pretty darn cool.

If you've got access to 2 PCs you could play together....

I'd recommend a cleric or ambulancadin there is a good guides here* or here

*I think that this guide was written before Insight came out so doesn't include it as an option - IMHO its the best weapon for a cleric.

but basically, max prayer, max holy bolt, one point in cleansing (main aura) hold an insight polearm (if you use RWM - if not use meditation as your main aura to help your son's mana) for huge life regen, huge healing (through holy bolt), massive damage to the undead and then either work on charge or fist of the heavans as your killing skill.

You'd be able to keep your son alive through everything except an Iron Maiden curse.


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I would suggest (as others) the Sigons set, or at least the gloves and belt for the life leech. See if you can get a Bloodletter sword ( leech) and that should keep him alive for a while.
The deaths set (only 3 pieces) is also a nice little set too.


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I ran into a similar situation a few years ago. A friend's son got interested in the game watching Daddy play. At first he'd sit on his Dad's lap and watch, but eventually he wanted to play himself. So he'd play his Dad's barb. Unfortunately he didn't like all those stupid items the character was wearing, so the first thing he would do was to sell all those ugly gold and yellow items to Charsi and buy some cool stuff of his own. This forced my friend to constantly keep current backups of his character and restore them after Nik had played. The solution was to make Nik a character of his own. So I used an, <GASP>, editor to make a character for Nik. I settled on a Wolf for him so that he could change into a 'doggie' if he liked, or to summon his 'teddy bear' or some other 'doggies' for 'helpers'. The additional caveat was that the character had to wear a spired helm (looked cool to a 4 year old) and everything he wore had to be blue (boys will be boys). I came up with a L99 toon that he could safely play throughout Normal. It worked out great, Nik had his character and my friend's characters remained unmolested. Until one day Nik came crying to his mother, his doggie had killed himself to IM in the CS. So I had to revise the character with a low physical, high elemental weapon that he could still cruise throughout Normal with, but wouldn't run into problems with in the CS. So make sure you keep IM in mind when making a character for a 'kid'.


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About the dying thing:

I think a far far better way to handle this is to let the kids see you die occasionally now and then, particularly against the things that you want them to fear the most.

Think they should worry about Iron Maiden? Take a Martyr into the Chaos Sanctuary and re-enact the charge of the light brigade.

The key is how you handle the death. If you pitch a tantrum the kids will pick up on that. (So... maybe don't try this with your precious *hardcore* characters...)


My nephews *LOVE* Lego Star Wars (don't have the sequel yet). Every time they would see me they would bug me to play it, to the point where I was just about ready to get the CD out of the machine and break it in half in front of them.

Now however, I've come up with a much better way of handling it. :D I have re-created money/barter economy. Some might unkindly call it 'slave labour'. :D Anyway, for the younger ones birthday I gave him 7 'tokens'. I'm not particularly arts and craftsy, but I printed out a sheet of small pictures of Yoda and glued them onto some cardboard circles.

For the older one, he can earn tokens.

Let me give you some context. Last week I asked them to clean up a mess in the living room that *they* had made, and they pretty much flat out refused.

After introducing the token system, I had the older one come over today and:
take out some ancient food from the fridge to the compost
unload the dishwasher
pick up all my empties (Diet Coke) and put them in the recycling bin
scrub a water-stain off the bath
scrub the mould out of the shower
scrub the loo clean

Actually, I reckon he earned a token and a half - that loo was disgusting :D

And here's the crazy bit, he was practically volunteering! I just had to make a suggestion and he was at it.

That game is like crack for them.


chillnkill said:
I wonder who the youngest person to reach Slayer is?
Judging by the literary skills and attitude of b.netters, I'd assume 3! :rolleyes:

LOL, start thinking about an answer for when he eventually asks what the 14+ on the game box means. :badteeth:


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I guess my situation isn't so unique. I've even done the Lego Star Wars thing now that v2 is out.

As for dying, it's not that he would mind it's just a pain in the butt. Right now, just playing is challenging enough. For me that is, not him! I'm the one that has to sit there and say, go that way, go up there, no, not that way. click on him he's killing you, etc..LOL! Meanwhile, he's going, why is my guy saying "i'm overburdened"? And, what did I do to make those girls so mad at me?.

Likewise, another consideration is the gear has to look cool to a 4 year old. He likes the way the ruby's make him red so I don't know if we'll ever be able to get away from that.

Anyhow, you guys don't know how much your help means. I'm 45 years old with no real pc skills to speak of and little time to figure out all this info you're giving me. Again, many thanks!


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chillnkill said:
Likewise, another consideration is the gear has to look cool to a 4 year old. He likes the way the ruby's make him red so I don't know if we'll ever be able to get away from that.
Don't forget that you can socket sets pieces using Larzuk in Act 5. (Not sure if socketting a set piece changes the color though...)


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No, it won´t change the color. I know, cos I used it to add a socket to my IKSC, so that I could put a PTopaz on it.