Increasing Hammer Damage?


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Increasing Hammer Damage?

I love my Hammerdin. He is now level 80.

However, even though I don't have the best equipment, I do have some okay items.

I have maxxed out Blessed Hammer, Blessed Aim, Concentration, and Vigor.

I read all about everyone doing 7k to 10k with their hammers, but mine is only 4901-4983. How do I get that higher.

I've started saving my points as I level now, since I'm not sure where to put them, past my hammer-build prerequisites.

Depending on what I wear I always have 75-90 in resists in Hell (one of my armors gives % boost to max resists), but at 80 still can't solo Baal (or if I do it's about a 40 minute fight).

I can walk through Pindleskin in about 30-45 seconds, yet I've never seen anything godly drop off him yet, but have gotten a few good items.

Mephisto is pretty easy - the hardest part is getting there (don't have a teleport jewelry piece yet). Andriel is kinda fun, and the Countess is cake. The only thing in the Pits that get me are if there are a bunch of ranged shooters (but I just picked up some 40% w/r boots with 200% defense against missles which should help.

Back to my oringinal question - What items should I be getting or what can I do to increase my hammer damage?

With items:

Strength - 135
Dexterity - 141
Vitality - 222
Energy - 17
Stamina - 365
Life - 1080
Defense - 1331
Mana - 583

Thanks in advance again! This board has been very helpful!

OH - and I've gone merc-less up to this point... but would there be a merc that would give me higher hammer damage?


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Well, it's a no brainer. You need + skills items. :p

Of course, Shako, Enigma, HoZ and such are the best, but they're ridiculously expensive, and I don't think you absolutely need them for a Hammerdin. I did very well with mine before I got the Shako and HoZ.

Also, try to get some Faster Cast Rate items: Faster Cast means more hammers, wich means more damage. Trang's Oul's gloves are fairly cheap, and add 25% faster cast rate.

Some suggestions:

-Peasant Crown: A poor man's shako. Huge bonus to energy / vitality, +1 to all skills, and even some decent faster run/walk.
-Lore: Just stick OrtSol into an elite with 2 sockets (the hell with defense! Pick something that looks cool!). Very easy to make. +1 to all skills, +10 to energy, plus nice lightning resistance.

-Spirit Shroud: +1 to all skills, cannot be frozen.
-Skin of Vipermagi: This makes for a very decent end-game choice. Faster Cast Rate means more hammers (more dmg), +1 to all skills, and you can get high resists.
-Skulder's Ire: +1 to all skills, huge bonus to MF, and it's fairly tradeable.


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Forgot to add: there's no merc that adds to your hammer damage, but I've found the Holy Freeze Merc (NM, Defensive) highly valuable. It slows the monsters around you so they don't hit you as much while you're hammerin' away.


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Thanks! I definitely need a "cannot be frozen" item.

I have a shako with a p-topaz in it. I have a +2 skills shield with resists. I have one charm that is +2 defensive skills. I have a couple weapons that have +1 or +2 skills on them, but I am using the wizardspike for it's fast cast rate and resists. I'm using Atma's Wail, but I also have the +1 skills Guardian Angel Templar Coat.

Thanks again for your suggestions, and I might just have to get a Holy Freeze merc. My only problem is that they are expensive to keep alive, if they die a lot!


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Just a question, how do you have a charm that's +2 to defensive skill? I thought all grand charms can have only +1 to skilltree? :scratch: