Incomprehensible or Why do my charaters hit that invisiable hell wall ?


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Incomprehensible or Why do my charaters hit that invisiable hell wall ?

This post is in fact a rant, so if you do not care to hear my whine, well find something else to look at -_-; .

I know for some of you this is old new, that 1.10 is harder. In fact I already has been deemed "a good thing" most folks. Now I don't be a wimp but for me this has been ongoing battle to create one or two charaters to just to do high lvl mf. And have fun with the rest. After 3 (yes THREE) accounts filled with charaters that seem to hit a hell "wall" At lvl 70-73 it takes inordinate amount to kill just about anything in act one. What kind of damage number range is needed just kill in an effective manner ? My ww barb (made for a tomb rever that I traded for), is currently lvl 70 and does 400-2900 ish ww dmg. To me this is "good dmg" for a ww barb using a bonehew (100-500 dmg). Yet as I run about in act one anywhere past the blood morre I become useless: I either cannot hit often enough, or simply cannot deal enough fatal dmg to kill small (6-10) crowds of monsters. I just find this mind boggling. My lvl 79 chain hydra sorc cannot even take on the zombies in the blood more without significant back up. The only charater I can cruise about in hell is with my plague/LF zon. She does a whopping 35k in poison dmg. How on earth am I supposed to achive that kind of dmg on other classes in a forthright and reasonable manner ? Granted it does not have to be 35k per se, but enough to kill most things in act one hell in 2-4 hits at the most is what I'm aiming at. I've noticed that out of 3 accounts none of my barbs have been able to do a pit run successfull without dieing repeatedly and the same with my sorcs. The sad thing for me is that LOVE barbs and enjoy sorcs. I hardly ever play anything else. I've not yet tried a hammerdin, but I simply do not like the way it plays (why can't he just throw the hammers at someone, instead of some wacked out spiral crap?!) .
At this point i'm at a loss. I mean what does it take ?


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It takes equipment and a good build. With the exception of a few item-independant builds, if you don't have what it takes, you aren't viable.

I personally don't understand why your Tomb Reaver Barb is not working out, mine isn't great past act I, but hes great in areas like the pit. With maxed polearm mastery, he should have decent AR.If you'd rather make another sorceresses, try making a meteorb sorc.

Your builds are more than likely a bit off track. While they would have worked in 1.09, 1.10 has changed the way the game plays out. Look at the respectable forums for each class you are interested in, and see what it takes to create a good build.


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I don't know how much exp you have with D2, but it is perhaps a question of unbalance with your builds.

For example, physical/magical/elemental damage. Many Hell monsters are immune to physical, and there is nothing a WW Barb with a Bonehew can do about it. He needs a secondary attack with magical dmg (Berserk), or a secondary weapon with elemental damage (like Baranar Star). Poison dmg charms are usually a huge help. Check also your resistances. They are critical in Hell.

Same for the sorc. She is very good at elemental attacks, but she needs at least two. And she must find some way to deal physical dmg as well (cant help you here since I don't know sorcs).

Check the character guides, and good luck.

My 1.09 lvl 96 WW/berserk Barb is doing fine in Hell, and my 1.10 lvl 76 Werewolf Druid is finishing act 2 Hell right now, and he hasn't hit any wall yet. If you're playing in Europe NL, and you have problems with your gear, I would be delighted to help you with a little something.


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It was not a matter of off trackness. My very first charater was a warcry/concentrate barb. To be honest, the build (skill points etc) is viable. What is lacking is striking power. Even after geting "hooked up" this barb is still hard to get things done with. I then attempted to go the way of Ironbarb, still to no avail. In deperation, I tryed a sorc, and quickly found out that after night mare no one really want to "party" much. Enchant stinks. I then made my "uber" inferno sorc for fun =P. I like to make fun stuff, I've been playing the game since it came out =/. I've basicly stayed away from metor (I don't care how much dmg it does, I'll get creamed BEFORE the bloody thing falls) To be honest my latest sorc is half success. Her hydra does in fact rock. It's the chain lightning that is very lacking. At a max of 2k it does pitiful dmg. Along the way I've tried many barbs (fenzy, ww etc) and found them ALL to be lacking. My sacadin could beat out all my barbs blow for blow, and that's just shameful.


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If it's any consolation, I have the same problem (as a matter of fact, search for me throughout the forums and you'll see me posting threads about tips for a new zon/sorc/barb/neccie/pally). Right now, I'm going far off the beaten path and making a pure spearazon; max LS/CS and I've found mercs help out a LOT (NM A2 Might Merc + lvl 17 Valk.. my little poking posse ^^). I still die sometimes if I get overwhelmed but it's because I'm kind of stuck with my mid-game gear with something like a flat 1077 def right now. I can normally run NM Bloody Foothills just fine unless I hit archers or something but I'm getting away from the point here.. def. get a merc and take some time lvling it up to your current lvl, no matter how long it might take, it's worth it. Give it some of your old hand me downs if you have to (mine's currently using Guilleme's face/Toothrow/Bonehew and has higher def/dam than me!)

Anyway, the bottom line is get a merc, go back and do NM bloody/worldstone runs, even if you don't lvl, get him to your level.. probably a holy freeze merc would be a good idea to slow the baddies down but I'm not a merc expert and usually just go with what other people tell me would be best for me.

If you're on US-East Ladder, feel free to hit me up (*kopfschuss) and we can go Merc lvling or something some time. :)


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I'm confused. My untwinked conc barb does only 500-1000 damage and he works in act1 hell (even tho he has to struggle). Yours with 400-2900 damage should have no problem! Make sure you use skills like taunt, howl, grim ward and battlecry (and warcry if you have the points to spend) for crowd control. You can't just expect to be able to ww around and kill everything with no strategy whatsoever.


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Try a bonemancer.
20 bone spirit
20 bone spear
20 bone wall
20 bone prison
20 bone armor
1-20 teeth
whatever else you want

There wasn't ever really a "hell wall," and it's fun to play if you haven't before.


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I have had an IK berserk barb. He was very well able to kill things in hell. He could solo everything. Until lag killed him (seemed more like a comp lockup though, couldnt even alt f4 anymore, was to slow to realise i had to press the power button). Warcry was what kept him alive i hell, also taunt vs ranged.

Of course, an IK set might not always be available.

Since IK was the only thing i had, i had nothing when he died and had / have the same problem you have.

I have tried some sorces, but those died, mostly because i was too impatient to wait for the right equipment and level. Next sorc i will play with the following equipment and skills, and i am confident that will be viable to do hell:
wizzy, double p diamont mosers, shaftshop, verdungos, ravenfrost, dwarfstar. Amy and helm dunno yet.
Skills: 1 in frozen armor, 20 telekineses, 1 ES, blizzard + synergies.

That equipment is not very expensive and it should make a reasonable meph runner. Some mana and vita charms would be very nice though.

currently, however i am playing a necro, he has only lvl 24 skellies and mastery (and bone armor with 1 of the synergies, and CE) and he works pretty well in hell. Currently he can only do pit runs in one player games with very cheap equipment (2pD mosers, 18 res all amy, 29 light res ring, 30 fire res ring (made with gem recipe), a set helm with fire and light resist and 1 skill (forgot name) boots with some resists(and mf), the rest mf equip (chances, gull, skullders) Very cheap and doing hell pit with 294 MF. He first entered hell and succesfully did his den of evil quest with ease at lvl 57.

As soon as i obtain some more skill items (looking for arm of leoric, shako, mara's, homuncules and skill charms) he will be doing it in multi player games.

I also made a vegeance paladin and a frenzy barb. I have not gotten those to work in hell because they need very good equipment (the avenger to survive and the frenzier to deal damage)

I made a thrower barb who is capable of doing hell, but since he needs to be very carefull, he kills pretty slowly. His equipment now is hel lum fal armor, highlords amy, thundergods belt, IK gloves, 2 lacerators, raven+dwarf. He does 5k damage.
He currently has no helm and boots, when i have for him arreats and WT, i will contunue going trough hell with him (i take no risks with him since he is my most loved character and i could not stand losing him)

make a necro, he can enter hell naked.
make a sorc for hell mf runs, she wont need terribly expensive equipment.
Mellee characters need very good equipment to function in hell.
You need to make good builds to play hell, look at the approriate characters forums to learn what is good.