US HC North IncHCN Clan Member kicking time limit.


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Xanth, Aahzmadius, and I have spoken, and agreed that clan members who have not logged into Diablo 3, within 120 days will be ejected from the clan.

Note, this is NOT done with any malice! Should said players wish to return to the fold, they simply need to ask.
(room allowing, of course.)

Simply ask one of the clan officers (Aahzmadius, Bulvine, Eremite, or me (Cybrwolf)) for an invite.


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Update 3-11-2015

Folks, We love having active members in our community!!! :)

However, if you aren't playing hardcore you we really don't want you in our clan.
I know this makes me seem like a dick, and I'll take that hate.

But this IS the Diablo IncGamers HARDCORE North clan.
So if you aren't playing HC why are you really here?
There are so many other clans for you to join.

We wish you all the very best of gaming, in Diablo, and should any of you make the commitment to HC, please know you will always be welcome back!!!


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Is there a possibility of merging the Inc HC clans again? I'm in IncHCN but there's rarely more than 5 people on (10 on weekends). I know it's a lull before s3 winds down, and clans probably have to be sized for "peak popularity".

Guess what I'm really asking is for Blizzard to increase the max # of people in clan to something like 500 so we don't need to be split like this.


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Anyone have any updates as to name c changes / clan mergers? I actually got a chance to explain to a public group that IncE meant :p


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no updates as of yet. It's on the list of things to do.