IncGamers clan


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Okay, since I've joined IncGamers, I'm the most hardcore player because paragon. Which is lame. So most people play softcore. That's their fault. ;)
But that's beside the point.

About 1/3 of the clan (currently 110 members) has been active within the last few hours to around 14 days. Which is okay because there is (?) a life outside of D3.
Going up to about half of the member list offline stats start at 30 and then upwards 40, 50, 60, etc. to a maximum of 346! days!

Okay, perhaps some of those people don't play D3 anymore or have joined a different clan. Let's assume. But these numbers border close to outrageous. Or something.

In this regard, the IncGamers clan community is close to non-existent which I find is sad. Elly seems to have a life. Which is good. Nonetheless I feel there is something amiss and I'm sure there would be a more active community if there weren't so many cobwebs and and dust everywhere.

"Then why don't you just join another clan and stop whining?"

I would if there were any IncGamers or Diabloii (EU) slots available.


Okay, I've been into the EU INC clan today and flushed out lots of people, sent out invites today.

Were you one of them?


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Hi Turbojugend. I am now an officer for the EU clan & vow to keep an eye on it regularly to accept new invites & boot people who long since jumped ship. I see you online a lot. Perhaps you would also fancy taking up such a role to keep things in check? Have a word with Elly if so. :)