In which Durf abandons the First World.

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In which Durf abandons the First World.

So tomorrow morning I wake up early, go to Narita, get on a plane, and fly to Denpasar, Bali. I will be spending a computer-free week on the white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean and eating spicy things.

Selamat jalan, suckers!
Technetium said:
Heh, don't translate that literally. It just means "have a safe trip."
Well that's all a translation widget can do, I don't know very much Japanese . . . certainly not the writing.

Disco-neck Ted

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I voted "enjoy your trip" since most of the other good options (beer and boobies) are a subset of this one.

Ogle some feminine pulchritude for me!


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Mmmm, pulchritude. I always think of Steve Martin's boss at the gas station when I hear that word.


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Forget about you having fun, hire me and ill stay in your place for while. It will be a party.


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Don't drink Bintang, you should try "Anker Pilsner"! That's good beer, it's of Dutch origin (Anker means anchor). A bit watery but otherwise; very tasty! :thumbsup:

It's pretty easy to find on Bali.

Have fun!



i voted for taking me with the suitcase, and then the boobies. umh, wait, you go drink beer, i'll take care of the "brown nekkid girls"!

have fun! :howdy:


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Selamat Siang!

Make time for a side trip to Ubud, Bali's cultural centre well worth the hour or so drive to get there. Stay away from Kuta, full of drunkem tourists, KFC, McD's the Hard Rock Cafe and the like. Instead head out to Nusa Dua, Candi Dasa or idealy Pulau Gili Besar/Kecil which have much better beaches - but of course you would have to take a boat trip to get there. Also check out the temple/sumset at Tanah Lot......

A week is never enough for Bali


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Scipico-Africanus said:
Make time for a side trip to Ubud, Bali's cultural centre well worth the hour or so drive to get there.
Hey, definitely. We'll spend three nights down south of the center of town, near Uluwatu (no interest whatsoever in going to the big Western hangouts) and then three nights up in Ubud checking out the dancing and just soaking up the teraced paddy sights. Good times. I'd love to be able to go for a month and climb Agung and stay on the north shore . . . next time. :)

EDIT: Hah, you greedy bastards, angling for my old camera. I knew that one would come in first. :teeth: