In search of the perfect Dtalon PvP assasin


In search of the perfect Dtalon PvP assasin

So I decided to do some testing and I'm close to finding the ideal equipment for my Dtalon PvP sin, but I'm curious as to what equipment you guys, experienced with the Kicksin in PvP, are wearing, and what you find to be needing.

The sin I set out to make is basically for all char classes and mostly for Pubs as I don't belong to any dueling leagues. (There aren't that many anyway from what I know)

Here's what I got so far:

Helm:Andys Visage/Giant skull/Crown/Harlequinn/ rare circlet
Ammy:Cat's eye/Mara'a/Highlords/Rare or crafted
Armor:Enigma/Nat with 3 sockets/Chains/Leviathon
Primary Main claw:Chaos claw/Fury claw
Primary Second claw:Bartucs/Jade
Switch weapon:CTA(of course)/shadow skills claw
Switch second slot:Lidless/shadow skills claw
Gloves:Crafted blood gloves/Imp gauntlets/Immortal kings/Dracul's/Trang's
Belt:Immortal king's belt/Nos's coil/Various others
Ring1:Perf Raven
Ring2:Rare with 100+ ar and high resistances
Boots:Upgraded goreriders/Shadowdancer's
Charms:10 perf Shadow skill/life charms, Annilhus, Dual mod small charms.
Socketed:None added yet
Utility Prebuff items: Demon limb in stash for the Ar bonus/Shadow claws

My current skill choices

20 talon (28 after current equip)
1 flight (9 after current equip)

1 wake of Fire (8 with gear)
1 Blade sheild (8 with gear)

20 Fade (37 with current gear)
20 Venom (37 with current gear)
10 weapon block (26 with gear)
1 Shadow master (18 with gear)
1 Mindblast (18 with gear)

My current stats

70 Strength (257 with equipment)[Have 843-1370 listed physical damage]
70 Dexterity (165 with gear)[11209 Ar w/o Demon limb, 14283 with limb]
356 (376 with gear) [1838 w/o CtA, 3041 with a 5 Battle orders CtA]
Base (46 with gear)

Ok. My most probrable gear is listed first on the equip list. All the other others are secondary considerations and situation like swaps, except for a few areas like the helm ammy and gloves, which are still being worked out.

What are the specs on your Dtalon PvP sins?:cool:

Attack speed question: Now with a Runic talon I need 54% ias to get 7/2 correct? And in that since chaos grants 35% ias I would only need to get 20% more yes? Thanks


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that 11k will do well enough against all caster classes and amazons... but it wont do jack vs melee, so if you face a paladin, prepare to lose (really)


this_barb said:
that 11k will do well enough against all caster classes and amazons... but it wont do jack vs melee, so if you face a paladin, prepare to lose (really)
I read the boards...I know a good defense char is hard to beat for an assasin...your post is not what this thread is about. I was asking experienced Dtalon duelers to give me their experiences.

Do you have or do you duel with a Kicksin this_barb?

Besides my dueling Ar would be 14k. Easily brought to 20 and above with the use of either metalgrid or angelic ammy/ring, among other things.

You do however bring up a point to acheive an all character dueling status. What I need to find is the formula for to hit percentage concerning ar and defense. 20k Ar should do it well enough though.

I was going to list verdungos but I'll allready have 45% Damage resist...Ik belt adds strength and resists.


So what's this? My thread has slipped with only ver' mild, apparent, interest?


No but seriously what do your Dtalon sins actually wear/use in deuls? Anybody here actually use the exact set-up I posted above?
Can someone post a link too or please post the Attack rating to Defense chance to hit formula?....please?:)

Also In that "test" I mentioned I was doing, I experimented with stat points mainly. I'm not on my comp with d2 atm (so the numbers won't be exact) but I was able to acheive some impressive numbers:

All strength (around like 500 or 600!)
1500-2600 Dtalon kick damage
All dexterity
Over 30k attack rating
All vitality
over 4000 hit points with Call to arms

I was impressed by those figures anyway.