In search of a BOUNTY HUNTER!!!!


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In search of a BOUNTY HUNTER!!!!

I need redemption for my friend.
u.s. west

My friend was pked at lvl 75, the pker was an 84 sorceress and a cocky one at that.

We have good items and runes, ie. UM
Pgems and more, ie. eth titans, occy and dcleaver

Post here if you are interested and we will disscuss the account information
or whisper us at
/w *marshallo2 (the o on the end before the two is not a zero)
/w *bonghitter

thank you very much


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I remember there was a west tppk hunter in 09. I forget who he was but I heard he had a sexy barb. o_O


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You wont have much luck here im afraid. I can guarantee the person used a TPPK script to kill you which means about the only way you will probably get them is with TPPK , since they ll have chicken on life / hostile etc. All you can do is make a mental note of the acct and go on. Try and find some friends so you dont have to play in public games