Improvements to my sorc


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Improvements to my sorc

My sorc is currently a Lvl 91, Fo/Lightning sorc

The skills are as follows
20 lighting
20 chain lighning
20 lightning mastery
2 cold mastery
20 frozen orb
10 cahrged bolt
and prerequesites

i am planning to lvl this sorc to 99 and will have 8 more skill points along the way,
i was wondering if i should stack them into charged bolt or put some into icebolt/cm?
My equipment:
Spirit shield
Viper Magi
Fcr Ring
Bul Kathos
ARachnids mesh
Frost burns
Sand Storm trek
and for charms i have a bunch of life Sc's and anni/torch

my resists are maxed in hell so i was wondering what i should socket my shako with and if swapping my vipermagi with a CoH would be a good idea?
for the Shako i was thinking perhaps a Jah to incrase life by 5% or a Ber?
my sorc has 1441 life without battle orders.

suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated


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Definitely not into icebolt. If you're using an Infinity merc, I don't see much benefit in putting more points into CM, so I'd say putting the rest points into CB. If you're using an Insight merc currently, you should consider changing BK ring to SoJ, and putting 1 point into Warmth if you haven't done that already, and give your merc an Infinity.
Are you really sure you're going for lvl99? That'll take about 15k solo baal runs or more than 8k 8-player baal runs, assuming no death.


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yes i have been doing a routine of 120 runs lately and have got a char to 99 before too so i know what it is like lol
but do u have suggestions on what to socket shako?


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Maybe a shael if you don't have 84 FHR yet?
Also maybe Magefist+2Soj's is better than your current gloves/rings setup?


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Instead of shako may i suggest Griffons? FCR, more dmg. 1 skill. GL on lvl 99 (not in a sarcastic way)

oh and how about light GCs?


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I don't know what the FCR of your Spirit is, but aim for 117% FCR for the L and CL breakpoint. At the moment, I calculate 135% FCR (assuming 35% FCR Spirit). If it means that you can lose a FCR ring and still stay at 117% FCR or higher, do that, and replace with a SoJ.

If your sorc is a MF sorc (doesn't look like it), socket the Harly with a pTopaz/Ist. Otherwise, socket with a -5% lightning facet for extra damage to monsters.

Ensure that your CM is at slvl 17. Beyond that, don't expect your FO to do dramatically better by pumping the 2% per level synergy of IBolt. I would invest into CB instead.


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oh i see
i think i will put the remaining points into charged bolt
and my spirit is currently 31% but i will soon replace with 35% for the heck of it

And based upon your guys suggetions i was thinking of one of the following options

20(griffon)+40(hoto)+31(spirit)+20 (Arachnids) +20 (magefist)
this would give me 131 fcr which according to frostburn would be more than enough for the CL/L break point

or my other option i was thinking would be to

Jah the Shako
Fcr ring instead of Soj replacement

and this would give me
40(hoto)+31(spirit)+20 (Arachnids) +20 (magefist)+10 fcr ring
121 fcr and give me significantly more life

Jah the Shako
Viper Magi Upped and Ber'd?
2 BK rings

This set up gives 121 fcr as well but i am sacrficing CoH for vipermagi?

Anywho which set up seems the best?
I think i am favouring the 3rd set up the most. since i am more the Survive/defence person then the Offence/Kill person Duel wise.
and the sorc is mostly going to be used for Duels and baal running.



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I will not comment on dueling, since I'm not into PvP.

For PvM, setup 1 is the best. If you have an Infinity merc, LI's that are broken will have their LR further reduced by Griffon's, making your lightning spells far more efficient at killing them. Griffon's has 25% FCR, and not 20%. Therefore, if you can get a 32% FCR Spirit, you can lose the Magefist for Frostburn gloves, giving you an extra 40% mana (which beats the mana regen of Magefist), and still have 117% FCR. Both your ring slots will then be free for BKWBs or SoJs.


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I'm 100% with frostburn here

boots - whatever, treks are good
2x SOJ's

With a good anni, torch and mara (high resits mods) you may not need the resists on Hoto, so you could look to Eschuta (facted) if you want a little more damage.

I second going with remaining points in charged bolt, CM or Ice blast won't really get you anything.


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For the SoJs, no. First for the +skills, then the extra mana is just a bonus.

For the Frostburn gloves, it depends on how fast your mana drains when spamming L/CL. If after BO, you find that you have more than enough mana, change the gloves to whatever you like, such as Chance Guards.