Impressive Diablo 2 Mod on Grim Dawn

In the name of Zod

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Hey Guys,

FYI, there is now a very impressive Diablo 2 mod for Grim Dawn called Reign of Terror. There are a sum of video's for it on youtube if you are interested in looking it up. The guys behind it have invested enough time to rebuild most of the Acts which play contiguously. Interestingly they have maintained the Grim Dawn classes and included all of the Diablo 2 classes but you can multi-class just like Grim Dawn thus allowing for some interesting builds.

I believe it uses the Grim Dawn combat mechanics so each class may not have every skill as per the original D2 but the key skills are there. They converted most of the sounds, all the music from D2 and many graphics to preserve that original feel. It's worth a look. The download page for the mod is here ->

It even has the cow level which is a nice attention to detail I thought. Anyone who has tried Grim Dawn and D2 must have at some point thought how nice a 3D engine it would be to use for a proper D2 sequel so these guys clearly thought it would be also ideal for a Diablo 2 remake. If you love D2 as I know you guys do I have to urge you to check it out.