Important new information about druid attack speed!

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Important new information about druid attack speed!




Muhahahaha! Gotcha




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haha, that was awesome dude.. even though i don't know you, you seem like a funny guy.. thanks for the laugh man, beers on me :buddies:

edit: good lord ash, i came into the thread, looked at who was browsing, and you certainly weren't, then i hit reply, type my reply in, and you have already replied before me... superskills... i think so


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WB( no not werebear..) you prolly don't know me, but I remember you a lil.

Nice to know you still got sense of humour!


PS: ROAR to you too.


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Well, hey, just so this topic isn't a complete bust, I thought I'd show you all what I wrote today.

I decided that I've had enough with dealing with questions about base weapon speed so if you absolutely refuse to use my numbering system, I wrote a calculator that uses the base weapon speed notation of the Arreat Summit instead of my (better) notation. :)

And of course the original is still in place.



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wb baranor!

damn, you pulled the wool over my eyes as well. I should have known better.

@dragoon: why try to ruin a perfectly good thread with this "actual information" business??? :p j/k


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Ash Housewares said:
I wasn't fooled, I knew it would be a baranor joke, but now it has information in it... I don't know how to feel
feel violated :(

i dont know baranor too well, so i actually believed him :(

Ash Housewares

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as much as it pains me to suggest, you could always fall back on Cloud or something, I fall back on bloody laughing Ash until inspiration takes hold

edit: but no tar>barney tar
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