Immortal King Six Piece Set Buff Coming



Barbarian players have been complaining that the six piece bonus for the Immortal King's set is lacking, especially compared to other Barb sets. Happily, Blizzard agrees and John Yang shared their plans to fix the problem, via BIGGAR NUMBARS!!11! in the next PTR patch.

Immortal King Six Piece Set Buff Coming:

We agree with the general sentiment here that Immortal King's 6pc bonus needs an adjustment to perform more comparably to Wrath of the Wastes Whirlwind builds. Sets/builds performing more comparably with each other aligns with our general goal of build diversity, including at high-end play. In the next PTR patch you will see the following change:

Immortal King's Call
  • (6) Set Bonus
    • Increased damage bonus from 100% to 250%.

  • As it is, hardly anyone uses the six piece IK set, just the 4P paired with other stuffs. Perhaps that'll change with this buff coming in? And yes, you're free to point out that 6P buff was 500% during the last PTR testing, before Blizzard cruelly stole it away, tucking it into the Mortick's Bracers before they buried them both at sea.
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meh what a lame buff thats really not gonna change anything :( GIve us morticks instead....


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Bul-Kathos sword set ftw!
+ fury?
+ attack speed?
+ movement speed?

+ sprint?

we leave you consta-WoB standing at the beginning of the rift while we fly.
seems like a bad dream now.

Seriously, do you remember complaining about removing the MS cap of 25%?
I do.

I really like the idea of the IK set but WastesWW = z00m.
WD and Crus need a mobility speed buff.


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It will reduce the power discrepancy between WotW and IK. Sure, IK still might not be as powerful as WotW, but it will probably only be a few GR levels behind, which is good. Secondly it's a nice generic bonus which potentially opens up a variety of builds e.g. HotA or SS (or even WW). But the most important thing about the change is that it actually shows that they are listening to feedback. So overall, seems like a pretty decent change.