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Ive got loads of imbuequests saved up from all my chars. How good is imbuing nowdays? Guess the rares have gotten a lot better and circlets of all sorts can always be nice. Can anyone give me a rundown on good stuff to imbue and at what lvl to do it?


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This post kinda should be in the newcommer or community forum. However, since ya asked....

The best items to imbue are DIADEMS or circlet class. This information can be very detailed and I do not want to spend hours on it so your getting the quick summaary version.

**you can find out the circlet type bonuses yourself, diadems best.
**you can find out the formula for imbue yourself, takes char, item level
**you can find the imbue bonus itself
**you can find the re-rolling rare recipe yourself.
**Item Level is INVISIVLE, not the same as required level to use. ITEM level is based on the MONSTER that dropped it.

Imbues are based on ITEM level and CHARACTER level. When an item is imbued a formula takes place. This new forumula generates the new item level that will result from the imbue. Taking this new item level the game then rolls random things for it. That creates your new item.

The best items to imbue are circlet class headgear. Why? Simple, they get a bonus to the formula because of their class. Only they get it. You can work out the math yourself but that means you can imbue a an item and create a really high item level as a result thus obtaining the best possible mods in the game.

The best part about imbuing a DIADEM is the rare re-roll recipe. Re-rolling rares degrades the ITEM level of the item re-rolled. Since this degradation occurs, the mods slowly get worse and worse. But with the crazy bonuses you get from diadems, you can actaully get to re-roll these rare diadems 4-5 times depending on your character level, and what Item level you started with. That means A SINGLE character can eventually get to have technically 12-16 imbues in a sense. The results can be amazing.
EDIT: Anyone can re-roll but its ([char]level + level) degraded so you can figure that out, use a high char.

HOWEVER, if you are leaning towards DRUID gear you can imbue druid class helmets. The results will tend to go druids way. However, the bad part about this is that your gonna need a very high level character to do this. Figure it out with the formula. This also means re-rolls are next to impossible sometimes becaisue the degradation takes certain possible mods from being rolled again.

You might ask which way to go. Well let me say this. The CRICLET class headgear imbues/re-rolls allow more chances to get something great. The results are random and not class specific. With a DRUID helmet you'll get many possible strong mods but with a smaller chance of them combining into something godly. That said and done, you can get something semi-godly with many chances to get it. OR you can imbue the DRUID helmets and a slimmer chance to get something good, but when it does happen, its very good.

SEMI GODLY vs Extremely Godly Druid

edit:: I have gotten:
+2 pally 20 fcr resist all other mods
+2 druid " " " " ""
+2 Necro " " " " ""

Never tried a


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Thats the kind of answer I was hoping for :) thx! Time to start keeping those white tiaras and diadems then...


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I have read ppl get crazy mods on weapons too.
And Im talking about huge ed% and stuff like that.
Havent tried my self. Been saving all those imbues too :)


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afaik you can get high ed's on crafted blood weapons :D

I think rares can go up to 400ed

Aron Figaro

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Rares can hit 450 apparently, though I've never seen it. Also, question in imbuing: does the Qlevel of the item you imbue come into play? Normally (for example making a magic socketed item in the cube) the item's qlevel gives it a minimum Ilevel. Since the game rolls a rare at Ilevel = Clevel + 6, would it become Ilevel = Qlevel if the item's qlevel was higher than that, like it does, say, with the cube?


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Pent said:
afaik you can get high ed's on crafted blood weapons :D

I think rares can go up to 400ed
Rares can go higher than 400, I've seen a rare broadsword with something like 413%, but of course it still sucked...

Figaro, that's a good question. I'm going to test it out I think, I'll post back when I have an answer.


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Ok I tested this by imbuing a pair of wyrmhide boots found in the dry hills (hell) with my lvl 15 character. Here is the item that resulted:

Storm Tread
20% frw
10% fhr
25% enhanced defense
heal stamina +25%
fire resist +10%
25% better chance of magic items

The required levels for these prefixes/suffixes are (according to arreat summit):
lvl 22
lvl 5
lvl 4
lvl 6
lvl 5
lvl 16

So it does appear that the imbue is based entirely on the clevel and not the qlevel. The boots have a listed minimum level of 45, I'm not sure what the qlevel is, but it's probably higher than that. All of the mods I rolled are within +7 levels of the clevel, but the fact that I got 6 mods is strange. Usually with low level imbues you will get 3 or 4 mods, but never 6. The qlevel might have influenced this result...

So there you have it. ALWAYS use a high level character to imbue stuff, no matter what type of godly item you have, unless you want to end up with junk like I did. :)


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Pent said:
afaik you can get high ed's on crafted blood weapons :D

I think rares can go up to 400ed
Highest ed rare I have found is an exceptional version of the glorious axe which has 376%ed not sure if I ever will do the upgrade though.


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IMBUE is indeed based on this formula (Ilvl = Charlvl + 4 + 2 attribute)
RE-Rolling Rares = (item level + char level)40% = Ilvl

circlet class = 3 8 13 18 for circlet, coronet, tiara, diadem which is added at the end but only to attribute selection process based on the ITEM level.

-----------------------IMBUE EXAMPLE-----------------------------------
SO if you start with a level 90 char to IMBUE using diadem(+18) you get
???? = 90 + 4? + 2attribute + (18 attribute)----> = 90 item/99 attribute
unsure where the +4 goes. Its a bonus to the imbue but I doubt it effects the item level but since I am not positive I will leave it "?".

----------------------RE_ROLL EXAMPLE-----------------------------
When you re-roll with a level 90 char, you get
(90 + 90)40% + (18 att) = 72 item level AND 92 Attribute level.
re-roll again
(72 + 90)40% + (18 att) = 65 item level AND 83 Attibute Level.
re-roll again
(65+90)40% + (18 att) = 62 item level AND 80 Attiribute level

Now a note of interest to all you peeps is the fact that a level 99 can practically re-roll DIADEMS over and over again at attribute level 85 everytime. With a level 99 cahracter the item level never drops below item level 67 and with an attribute diadem bonus of 18, you get the picture. It'll re-reoll spawn up to level 85 mods everytime. Given the formula above its EXTREMELY EASY to see that the character level matters the most.

Also. Terminology has changed through the patches and reversed usage in some cases. Item Level and Quality level in alot of cases are used in reversed situations. Incorreclty in one patch but correct in another.

ITEM LEVEL = Invisible number. USually who drops it.
QUALITY LEVEL = usually refers to the possible mods that can spawn on that item. Like Treasure Chest, TC.
ATTRIBUTE LEVEL = Level of mods an item can spawn depending on the item level and quality level. Usually item levels and attribute levels are one and the same but when you do CUBE crap, it can cahnge the attribute levels though the item remains the same level as before.