"I'm your buddy" scam


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"I'm your buddy" scam

to tell the story it was me, myfriend and Scammer.
We'll label me, Thepo, my friend Nex and we'll call the culprit ScammerX.

*ScammerX sends tell to Nex*

ScammerX-Yo dude, I just bought this account off e-bay for 5 bucks. Guess who?
Nex-Um, Ned?
ScammerX-not quite...
Nex-I give up. You must be Tito Quentay, master of maracas.
ScammerX-LOL, nope. Come on!
Nex-Um, hell. Chet?
ScammerX-There ya go.
Nex-Wow, get any good stuff dude?
ScammerX-Nah. Kinda sucks actually. Wanna see?
Nex-Sure, join game XXXX.

*ScammerX, Nex, and me Thepo join game XXXX. Luckily i happened to be on the phone at this time with Nex*

*ScammerX proceeds to show us his stuff and then...*

ScammerX-so what's up guys?

*at this point i call who i think it is' cell phone but it's off*

Thepo-Yo dude, turn on your cell phone.
ScammerX-Nah, it's dead man.
ScammerX-Yo nex. Can i try on some of your trang's?

*at this point we think somethings off. As our friend never turns off his cell phone and e-bay isn't really his hobby*

Nex-what's your nickname?
Thepo-what's your dungeon and dragons ranger's name that we play together?
ScammerX-What? I deleted that char.
Nex-what did we do to bo's basement?
ScammerX-egged it??

*ScammerX has left your world*'

--I must admit this is a scam i have never seen and seems fairly clever. there is no way to really truly know if it is your friend unless you can get ahold of them. So if you see something like this watch out. Someone thinks they had a bright idea.

Not sure if this is an old scam or not but i've never seen word on it before. So thought i'd spread the news of what *almost* happened to me and my friend.


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ya this happened to me, but the supposed friend was a freind I recently meet online in a diablo game. My new friend gave me 2 alrdy fixed ali babas to help with my mf, casue all my gear sucked.
Then like a week later that exact situation happend as in "guess who I am"..we went toa game I showed him the perfect gaze I just found from mephy, I was so proud or a struggling barb. He asked to try it on, and let duel to see how it worked...I did ponder for a sec as in "man he has like every item in the game, why would he want to see this one"? I shoulda ask to wear his arreats so we could be even...but I didnt..I gave it to him, we duel for like 10 mins..he said "well its nice"...and left game.
I cursed my new friend, who was online, but see I was new tothe game features, and I didnt know I can see my friends enter the game, I ddint knw much about alot of things....my new friend said "dude I think you got scammed"....nevertheless I cussed him, and told myself never to trust him again...but the fault was mine...I told my new friend later that I was sorry, I know it wasnt him...in return he gave me some nice replacements like tals helm and such to ease the pain.
But yes, its a lousy scam...and it gets most noobs, Like i was.:)

as far as old, this happened to me like 2 yrs ago. so ya I guess its been around.


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I always find this an opportune moment to make the scammer feel very uncomfortable. Some time ago, someone posted a great little story about this very scam. It went something like this

Scammer: Hey, guess who
PlayerX: Uh Jim? (He didn't know any Jim)
Scammer: Yep, how are ya... Wanna see this sweet item i just got?
PlayerX: Ya, I sure do (playing along)
*Both players join game X*
PlayerX: So Jim, do you still remember that night?
Scammer: Uh, yea , i sure do.
PlayerX: I've never had such a great time in my life. It was then I found out I was *** - with you.
Scammer: ...

The story continued to the same extent, but i believe playerX added another male to the mix. This made the homophobic scammer very uncomfortable and he started swearing and calling playerX sick and so he left. It seemed like a fun way to disperse of that scammer, I've been waiting for my chance to try it.


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i like mind f----ing with them.. i spent an hour just playing around with on scammer.. ended up getting some items out of it.. "let me try on your such and such first" dumb scammers.. -.- it was crap items.. but free none the less..

Edit : <--- 420 posts.. i win..



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Anyone who whispers me saying "guess who" is a scammer :D None of my friends ever say that. If they have a new account or get something new, they tell me straight up.


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One great (hilarious) scam in 1.09, when maphack was super-common and you could look at what others had equipped:

Scammer: Gimme ur skullders or I haxor u.
Me: How about I give you the finger, and you leave my game?
Scammer: I will hack ur account.
Me: Go for it, I don't like this account really.
Scammer: This is ur last chance, noob.
Me: ooooooo OH NO! Dont hurt me mr hacker I give you skullders plz dont hurt me
Scammer: HA
Me: I dropped it in act3 town.

At this point I'm just doing mf runs.

Scammer: WHERE IS IT, you n00b!!!
Scammer: Gimme now!
Scammer: Starting hack
Scammer: Processing...
Scammer: Processing...
Scammer: Your account is *suggestivename
Scammer: Hack begins in 30 seconds.
Scammer: Now gimme skullders.
Me: No.
Scammer: Hack beginning.
Scammer: Hacking *suggestivename
Scammer: hacking...
Scammer: hacking....
Scammer: Last chance.
Me: Hey, look I just found ANOTHER skullders off meph!
Scammer: fu noob, ur ***, eat my *** n00b

*Scammer has left game*


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I've had BNetters try to scam me this way before. Messing with them until they finally give up and leave always gives me a good laugh.

My favorite tactic is to tell the scammer, who is my "good friend", that before I can borrow him my ______, I need my ______ that he borrowed back first (usually WF or IK set or something). I could fill a book with the excuses I get. :D


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heres a good 1. im off somewhere, at a friends or whatever and this guy decides he wants to try and mess with 2 of my friends (one of my friends had him on their f list and did /f m a lot and pissed him off so he wanted revenge. ended up joining my xferring game and taking a 4 socket balrog skin and a barb masteries charm, i was so unhappy....not)

neways, my account has the word neo in it, so as a way of trying to trick my friends, he made the same acct but spelled neo with a zero. he gets into their game and tells my friends he has stolen my acct and will only give it back if they give him sojs (ladder mind u, one of my friends had 1 at the moment). so b4 nething happened, one of them does /f l and notices "hey look neo isnt even on right now, who is this fella?" (he didnt tell my other friend for awhile, so he was kinda freaking out thinking my acct was hacked) so they just sorta sat there screwing with him while he said he didnt want to take my acct, but if they payed up, he would give it back. kinda sad, they just bitched him out as they got bored and he left. good scam, but only works on noobs....maybe
The "guess who?" scam is a pretty old one. I get them if I sit in channel awhile usually. Here is how I like to handle them: :xgrin:

Scammer: Hey, I just got this acct free, guess who?
Me: Enrique?
Scammer: No
Me: Edwardo?
Scammer: Yeah man, whats up?
Me: Edwardo, I have been spoiled by the love you give me. No other man can compare to you Edwardo... when will you return my love...
Scammer: *Silence*

Ahh, nothing like man lub to shut up a scammer! :D
If they only knew I was a chick....


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Scammer: Guess who?
Me: Hank?
Scammer: Yep, just bought this cool account off EBay wanna see?
Me: Ok, make game
Scammer (about 5 minutes later): Hey, where are you?
Me: Just a sec, have to take a whiz, be right there
Scammer (about 3 minutes later): You back yet?
Me: type /squelch his account then "I don't know anyone named Hank...how do you like me wasting your time?"


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Uriah_Heep said:
Dredd,this is hilarious.Tell us at least a couple of excuses :D
A few brief ones ...

Scammer: i thought i gave that back last week
Me: I gave it to you yesterday.

*Scammer leaves game*


Scammer: It's on my brother's acct.
Me: Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me. Say, he told me he lent you my gaze (NOTE: I chose gaze because I could clearly see he was wearing one), can I have it back?

*Scammer leaves game*


Scammer: Aw dude I was meaning to tell you I got scaaaaaaaaaaaamed
Me: ???
Scammer: Ya was showing it to some guy in trade screen and next thing I know the game just froze. I get back and it's GONE dude
Scammer: sorry dude
Me: Ah damn dude! I bet that's the same scammer that got your ____ this afternoon. Now it's gone.
Me: Sorry dude.

*Scammer leaves game*

Me: /w *Scammer Dude I'm sorry come back! Don't be mad! I still have your Isenharts if you want it back.

Scammer: /w *me f u!

Me: /w *Scammer Don't leave me! Come back!

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i got scammed by this once unfortunately lol i lost an ss and my 290% cruel hyp javas in patch 09 - that was a BIG loss.

o well im wise to it now - shame i havnt been tried again so i can use these funny storys on them!!


I've been scammed by a form of this. But instead, the person never claimed to know me. Just started talking one day, gained my trust, one day I was muling and came back to an empty game. Checked the persons account on my friends list, "soandso is in a private game."

Irritating. =\

Rigel Kent

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This was my favorite part!

thepopo said:
Thepo-what's your dungeon and dragons ranger's name that we play together?
ScammerX-What? I deleted that char.
Of course, everybody knows no self-respecting Dungeons & Dragons player would waste precious pencil lead naming his characters.

Oh, wait, you said ranger? He should've guessed Drizzt... 50/50 chance!