I'm trying to remember... Nova Sorc.. Which Version?


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I remember way back when, there was a version where nova sorc was so dominant and insane but I don't remember which version that was or why. Just wondering as I want to do a nova sorc hc playthrough.

I also remember a patch where zons cleared cows in literally seconds but can't remember that patch either.

Actually I think both were 1.09 right?


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Yep, both 1.09.

Only characters I have ever played to level 99 were two nova sorcs in 1.09. First one I deeded because I didn't think I needed that full rejuv. Good times.
Want to revisit that patch once I am mostly through with 1.07.

You won't get that dominance with a play through though, they need quite good equip. Pretty mana hungry and vendors don't sell mana potions pre-1.10. And while MF does work properly in 1.09 drop rates were significantly worse than in 1.10+
Also no uber RWs (and way harsher rune drop rates), which is good. RW I used the most was probably Lionheart. Then maybe Honor for Merc.

Also, may I suggest this thread: https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/1-09-roll-call-goals-progress-finds.775099/
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I would just like to say that it's still possible to make a pure nova sorceress these days. If you invest in shiver armor and warmth, as well as getting yourself a phoenix monarch, you should be able to make it work out. I think i used the full tal rasha's set with this particular build.
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Blizznova is pretty good too, but even more expensive to have hit it's stride.