I'm tired of those foolish proud trader


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I'm tired of those foolish proud trader

Some people love to make fun of your trading stuff while they don't show anything. And even they could show a full set of Tal Rasha, I still think they are full of crap. Last night, I was trading with a lvl 85 sorc, I showed her a +3 skeleton (unique) mastery helm, +1 all skills necro (unique) helm, some MF charms, Naj's staff, and a +3 fire (magic) skills ammy. She said,

"lol. Your **** sux"

I quitted and left her alone.

People don't just trade Vex, Ber, shako, or Enigma. Every MF runners get ****. I just don't want to sell them to the NPC's, because anyhow it took awhile to find them. I don't want to offer them for free to the Normal players either, because there's no free labor. This is a "****-for-****" trading game. If I've got Tal armor, I would name the game "Bring Trang belt."

So now I create Nightmare trading games when I got those so-called "MF ****." Nightmare players at least appreciate your stuff a little more. You could say that's taking advantage of them, but who knows. Sometimes I can get p gems. I'm wondering if some really newbish player would trade high runes for good gear. Probably not. It's against the D2X ethics I believe.


Cerebron said:
I'm wondering if some really newbish player would trade high runes for good gear. Probably not. It's against the D2X ethics I believe.
Yesterday i traded my thundergod's vigor and shako for jah + ber :teeth:


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lemon said:

Yesterday i traded my thundergod's vigor and shako for jah + ber :teeth:
O.O u are either one lucky guy, or.... ok you're just one lucky guy! tha'ts cool man :)

best trade I had recently: el + eld + hel for zod rune ^.^



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I R Tradezor King

Back in 1.09 when teh Soj ruled, I turned 7 into 70 in about an hour. Here's how it went:

Me finds Light Charm WOOT

Me sells light charm for 7 sojs

Me buys Cruel Collossus Blade of Quickness (40/15,40/15, Eth) for 7 Sojs

Me Sells CCBoQ for alot of other junk, including an item that got me 6 Shakos:
2 unid, 2 Id, 2 P topaz (this was back in the day when shakos were 9 sojs a piece... yeah, I did the happy dance)

SO... basically I bought myself a new sorc that had 75% Dr, Max res in Hell, and had about +9 all skills off one light charm. I was quite pleased with myself.

I have hence had good trades and bad trades, but most of my wealth was either stumbled upon or I got 1337 tradez. My mf abilities suck.


Edit: God. I miss those days. Who else remembers when Fury items were 18-35 sojs, SS what 25 Ided and 40 Unid.

I bet some people here remember Lance Barbs, Soul Scratch, and P Skull currency :p .

Good times, Good times..


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lance barbs were teh L337 D1481O PL4Y4z. I remember when I made my first lance barb ever.... it was sooo much cooler than my crappy paladin (remember when they were considered the worst character in the game, not the best??). My paladin got to lvl 43 tho... at that time I thought that was godly.

Oh yea. also, I believed that goldskin and iceblink were some of the best armors in the game (probably because those were like the only 2 unique armors I had lol). A soj was just a whisper of an idea... I'd never seen one, and didn't think they existed...

ahh man, those were the days.


PS: yea once I got my D2 n00bishness out of me a bit, but before expansion hit, I remember soul scratch ^.^ godly weap that. there were imp shanks also IIRC (funny how they last this long) and gosh, what was the name of that ammy that everyone had... anyways, all rares, was quite cool :)


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p.skull currency. wow, that's old skool. definately remember that. how about the original hammerdin?




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I'll trade you trang belt for tal armor Cerebron :D lol

seriously, it's quite crappy that she insulted your wormskull and undead crown.

My best trade lately was tal orb for trangs belt on ladder, funny, I found another trang belt and traded off one of them, got a pair of marrowalks and a shaft, which I promptly upgraded. So it was a good trade for me :), mercs :love: upshaft.


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I share the same view as Cerebron. If i'm shown stuff I don't need, I'll just say I'm not really interested in the items. There's no need to insult other people since their items aren't all runes and runewords and elite uniques. I see it quite often on trade forums. There's always a couple of [email protected]$$es who will ridicule a trade list due to lack of great items. I'll take a quick glance and move on if nothing piques my interest. No need to make fun of them since you think you have lots of great gear when it's quite possible your gear isn't all that great either.


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I ridicule people all the time! Does anyone know if anyone trades crafting stuff anymore? My precious gem trading channel has vanished, and I'm quite frightened.