i'm stuck!

frend? or foe!

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i'm stuck!

hi help me out plz! whats the safest way to trade my annialus on the europe realm? in a public game!
any thoughts would be great thx
there is no safe way but i still traded one
heres how i just droped told him to drop as he dropped i ran over to his item as he ran too mine lol

dont trust ne body tho i got ripped for 1 too
there is no safe way to trade it
unless u trade wit a person from here make sure they dont have 1 post too lol


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and for the love of god do not go outside of town to make your trade..... damn that pickit


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It's also useful to both have level 1 same class characters. That ensures same run/walk speed, and no tweaked items. Make sure you are in town with no obstacles that could block your way.

Of course the best way is to trade with someone you trust, or someone from the forums.