I'm So Confused!!!!


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I'm So Confused!!!!

What 's the deal with Delirium now? I haven't played D2 for a while and now my BV Deli is worth somewhere from 3-5 sojs (Non Ladder East). Why has it gone up so much. Two months ago, when I bought it, it was only worth somewhere from Um to 1 Soj.

It's a regular Deli unlike those amazing druid and barb ones with all those extras. I always found Deli to be a worthless helm, compared to shako that is and everyone thought the same too. I'm getting offers in game that really blew me away.

P.S. What else has increased alot in price?


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SoJs have incredibly lowered in price due to dupe paranoia... Nobody wants SoJs and people use FCR rings on their characters instead. I estimate the value of SoJ about half it was before, and still it's hard to trade.

Cyber Dragon

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Delirium rocks on my Enchantress; the attack speed in Doll form allows her to plant 8k fire damage on an enemy every quarter second or so. :p

Of course it sucks if the enemy is fire immune... but still! OO;;


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Evrae Altana said:
True...but in the hands of a bowazon, it's pretty spiffy.
I totally agree. My bowazon has been using Delirium for a while now. Its definately one of the best helms she has used. Confuse and terror activate almost constantly and combined with the support of her act 2 merc, Valc and decoy she has no problems whatsoever in Hell.