I'm rick james *****!*mo rants fo shizzle*

I'm rick james *****!*mo rants fo shizzle*

Cocaine's one hell of a drug
I'm rick james *****!
cocain is WHAT one hell OK of a YEAHH drug
WHAT WHAT Fer shizzle OK
im rick james ***** OK!

Thats what I hear everytime I go into a class room, walk to class, stand around at break and lunch. Come on people it's funny but when you say it more than you say regular words it gets REALLLLY old. So how about cutting it out and only saying when it will fit the situation.

Please for the kittens


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THey were both only funny ONE time... the FIRST time dave said it. Not the second time he said it, not the 5th time he said them, and not the 47th time he said them in his comically exausted skits. and it DEFINATLY wasn't funny when i heard some moron down the hall say it.

I'm with you. I don't even think the actual ones were that funny.


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Thank god I'm in a country where I'm protected from all of that. I have no idea what you're talking about.


So many people don't realize that comedy is all about the delivery and the timing... just so many amateurs... *sigh*

Ash Housewares said:
stand up>show

watch the stand up, then you don't have to quote the show endlessly, dagummit

I downloaded his comedy routine killin something something(don't remember the whole name) but it was only audio and I still need to listen to the whole thing.


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Weird thing is.. I was making fun of Lil' John one day about how he never says anything but "What?" "OK!" and "LET'S GO!", even tho the songs say "featuring Lil' Jon". I was even comically placing it into conversations.....

Then a couple days later i'm watching Chapelle Show and he does a comedy routine on it.. pssht, he's stealing all my material.


I actually have no idea what they're quoting in the orignal post. I just think it sounds stupid. Talk like human beings for jebus' sakes.


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The charlie murphy episode and a day in the life of lil john were some of the best Chapelle segments ever. I think a lot of people around here have a deep rooted respect for dave chapelle, or theyve blazed with him, but aside from the occasional "im rick james *****" no one tries to immitate.

I too made fun of lil john by comically adding my own "OK!" "YEEEAH!" and "WHAT!?" to random songs on the radio. I equated it to michael Jackson "Wooo!"

Edit: I forgot to mention MJ's "Ooow!"


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The Chapelle Show is the new most overrated show ever in history. Previously, it would have to have been Jackass. Congratulations Dave, you are the new Jackass.

Chief JB

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I've never seen that episode but I guess it wasn't even necessary. Everywhere I go someone is saying it. I swear that the only thing I've heard this kid at school say for the past 3 weeks is, "I'm Rick James *****!" and "I'm rich *****!"

Then I go into Jigga Scrooge's house and there are like 10 of hit fat brother's blanksta friends in there sitting around for about 3 hours straight looking at eachother going "WHAAAT!?!? OK!!"

So if everyone could be done with all of this nonsense, that would be fantastic.
If you honestly think Chapelle's show is overrated then I'm thinking you've only seen impersonations of it and not the actual show yet. That guy's freakin' hilarious if you're not a racist. What's funnier out there? Seinfeld reruns? Friends? Will and Grace? I know you're not gonna say the Bernie Mac show, because that one's pretty stupid. Not that those first three aren't stupid, but at least they're respectable white folk, right?

Jesus Christ, songs with Lil John get played so much around here, I'm glad somebody's finally making fun of his dumb ***. If I have to put up with a million high school kids making fun of him for a week to get rid of him that's just fine.

I think Lil John is actually some guy ripping off Chapelle's "turn my headphones up" skit though.


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Chief JB said:
Guess what, you're not Rick James....*****.
LOL. Yay, I'm real sick of hearing all the Rick James stuff, too. Did anyone watch Chapelle's show last year? I saw just about every episode last year and no one was talking about it, now this year, it's all I hear about.

I don't even know who Lil John is. :scratch: