im relle lost


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im relle lost

alot of kids on online, nonladder east, say that facets and the like cant help trappers. at hearing this, i got really pissed, because i got two claws. both 3+ traps faceted twice with plite facets and i bought griffs and socketed it so its -23/19. Looking at my character, it boosted up her damage to a little over 13k at a level 80. seeing as i spent so much on this equipment(nearly 20 sojs), i wanted to make sure it did help. Alot of people told me it was a glitch that made it say that my dmg went up so i attacked my friend with a shako on, no claws. he had like 844 life left. attacked him with my griffs, no claws, he had about 732 life left. again the shako, with claws. 231 life left. claws and griffs. dead. i was only using death sentry too. so can anyone tell me why my traps do more with facets then w/o? most people told me to come to this site because this is where they read it from.
also they said i need increased attack speed. i plan on getting it from gloves. does anyone know any good boots for a sin? price usually isnt a problem for me.

one more thing, i heard lwz cant be above 384 ed? a buddy of mine got one with 389//66 for a 38 hoto(guy was quitting)

can someone help me please

Eilo Rytyj

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This question has been addressed before many times, try Searching the forum for more info.

Traps are classed by the game as minions, like skeletons or valkyries etc, facet's DON'T work with them.


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Because you're test is statistically insignificant...:rolleyes:

Pretty much been summed up, Traps count as minions, therefore facets don't work with them, they just appear to increase the damage of them on the LCS.

Von Lazuli

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But don't feel bad about what you spent... That Griff's has resell value!

Boots... Treks for Stats/FHR? Waterwalks for Life? Rares for FHR and resists? Use your boots slot to make up what you are missing.