I'm proud to present to you...


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I'm proud to present to you...

Matriarch Jah!
After her trials and tribulations, she defeated Baal just minutes before this post.

Hurrah. :D


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Congratulations! But....

What character, what build, what gear, etc, etc, etc!?!?! ;)

You'll never get away with so little info about a mat/pat here :lol:

What a tease!!
Here I was getting all excited about a Mat post and then you do that to me!
Deatails, Details, DETAILS!!!!!!!!!! :D :D


Edit: Non-reactive smilie....


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Sorry about the delay, I was feeling a bit... under the weather. :xx:

Here's what you were looking for:
Matriarch Jah lvl 86 Sorceress

She was twinked, since she is my new sorceress, to replace the old one who is now not viable in Hell difficulty.

Frozen Orb 20
Warmth 3
Fire Ball 20
Fire Mastery 20
Cold Mastery 1
Ice Bolt 20

Shako (P Topaz)
+2 Sorc ammy with mf
My pride and joy... Death's Fathom and Ali Baba on backup
Vipermagi 34 resist and an ethereal Skullders for mfing
Stormshield (Hel) and a Rhyme shield
Nagel 28%
Gloom's Trap looking for Arachnid Mesh
Silkweave and War Travs (43%) on backup

Stats (Base):
Str - 85
Dex - 120
Vit - 265
Nrg - I'm proud to say it, base!

I feel this is my best sorceress ever. I'm planning to celebrate her victory over Baal with an mf for charity. When I figure out the format that I am going to use in giving away the items, I will start a new thread.

Huk - Happy, but sick :D


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Now that's more like it! ;)

Congrats, again. That sounds like an excelent way to celebrate the victory over the last of the Prime Evils :)