I'm outta here. Well for a week that is...


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I'm outta here. Well for a week that is...

SBR finally gets to go somewhere for vacation. Granted I'm not leaving the state, but its still going to be fun. I'm going here. and will not be back until Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing Megadeth, The Black Crows, and Petty myself.

I'll try to get some pictures, but I don't have a camera. Maybe I can convince on of my friends to get a photo CD of the pics.

Well Ladies and Gents, I'm off. Maybe the Poing, Boobies, and Durf be with you!!



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CyberHawk said:
Dang..I didn't know MegaDeth even played anymore.

Have fun!
There back..... well only Dave Mustaine is. The rest of the band changed.

ZZ Top ought to be cool too.... (out of the festivals line-up).