I'm looking for a partner or two to travel the game utnwinked. der


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I'm looking for a partner or two to travel the game utnwinked.

Well, my main box took a dive and I'm using the opportunity to build a new one. Until then I'm stuck on the Sony, whose absolute limit is Diablo2 (as an aside, does anyone know how much ram impacts diablo2 FPS? I'm thinking that I might be RAM limited at 256megs).

One character build I've tried before is a venomancer, and he was great fun. Challenging with self-found gear, but I got him to hell and worked my way through.

I like to play "purist" style; no outside items/rushing, no maphack, and no exploits. This makes it tough to play with pubbies, as their decked-out equipment and maphacks allows them to conquer content with ease and move faster than I'd like.

I was wondering if anyone was interested in playing through the game untwinked and without a rush/MF mentality. If this sounds appealing, please post here or message me ingame (USEast) on *Kretschmer.

Relevant vitals:
-Softcore. I used to be a big hardcore junkie, but I might want to venture into public, later. Hacks=dead=no thx.
-Build: Venomancer + revives. Max poison skills; LR and prereq curses; Max SM; a few in summon res; the rest in revive. Venom for AoE damage and mighted revives to add some oomph.
-LR curse and might, so I should be able to boost any character. Probably the best partners wouldn't compete on equipment, make use of might and/or LR, and boost revive killing power. But hey, anything would work.
-I'm looking for an informal little duo or trio. I'm hoping to start an 8-man-group next week to work through classic hc untwinked, and juggling two groups would make me lose my hair. If anyone wants to start an untwinked group I'd be megahappy to join, though.

Again, if this sounds interesting toss a post in or message me *Kretschmer. I'm only looking for a few likeminded players, unless someone wants to take over and form a group.

Happy hunting!