I'm leaving everyone

I'm leaving everyone

Well I've been here for a while now but I'm getting kinda bored. I think I'm gonna leave and not come back. I know a lot of you say "oh you'll be back" but I don't think I'm gonna be back.

Well everyone it was a fun 7 months. Goodbye.


Lata you mad playa. Have a nice time doing whatever there is outside of the forums.

*scratches head*

What is there to do?
Well I enjoyed the company. As they would say in some on-topic places "GL HF!".

Return all OTF battle gear to the proper people. (TAT-Anikimo21 and the flame-retardent suit to Freet)


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but he's not one of us... if I'm not mistaken, it's just a nickname, and there's too little of us as there is :p


DurfBarian said:
Hmm, one less Canuckistani around; the balance of power is shifting in unpredictable ways
He's not Canadian. He lives in LA. He explained his nickname a while ago. PAY ATTENTION! *smacks Durf around a bit*


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well at least he didn't go out with a bang like that other dude who posted the butthole picture...

Later dude!