im in the dark


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im in the dark

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what is or dose the unique grand charm GREEDS do, i cant find any information on it.

was offered one in trade for tangs armor would this have been good trade?
and why cant it be shown in trade window


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Firstly, it is Called Gheed's Charm like the annoying act 1 merchant.

Secondly: It is a grand charm that gives you Magic Find, Gold Find and as a special reduces the prices of buying things from vendors.

Thirdly: Blizzard has put a restriction on it so you can only carry one at a time. Unfortunately this restriction also makes it impossible to put it in a trade window.

Fourthly: On paper it looks like a nice trade, but beware! The majority of trades involving Gheed's Charm or Annihilus are scams! You should only initiate a trade requiring dropped items with people you trust 99-100%. Unfortunately most Gheed's traders are likely trying to rip you off.

Conclusion: Gheed's Charm is awesome, but it is not worth the risk losing a Trang's Armor for nothing. So, don't do it!


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Hah, I got a 35% one from Hell Meph yesterday.
Then 3 runs later, I got another one, 25%.
So I gave it to one of the newer people in the "whoopass" channel.


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Indemaijinj, having the items is not what counts. Having the knowledge, ability and sense of survival is what truly constitutes mastery.

(Excellent response post)