i'm having trouble in hell w/ kick sin


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i'm having trouble in hell w/ kick sin

Hi, I am currently having a lot of trouble doing enough damage with my level 72 kick assassin in hell. any suggestions would be appreciated :D . thanx (Note: yes i did post a thread earlier asking about help, but i'm trying to be more specific in this one)

My Equipment is:
Stone armor(2100 def)
Upp'd gore riders (to myramid boots)
Steelcasque(for leech and high def, currently trying to get guillemon's face)
Gloves are +1 to shadow skills (crappy)
Ammy is one with 10 to all atributes,15or so to resis's.
1 BK ring, 1 Raven Frost.
Aldurs weapon w/ 3 perf skulls (for UBER leech)

20 to Dragon Talon (use this as main)
20 to BoS (greatly helps with speed, but maybe exessive)
15 to Dragon Flight (good dmg, and great transportability)
1 to prereq's
7 to tiger strike (only used in beggining for hard chars)
10 to cobra strike (for when didn't have leech, i dont use it now)

I am wondering whether i should remake my sin or not, and i have heard about using death sentry, but i have really been trying to stay away from traps. PLEASE HELP.... heh thanx


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It seems that you have "wasted" quite a few skill points:(, especially 20 BOS seems very excessive. This of course means that your character isn't as powerful as she could've been...

Guillaume's Face should help a lot with the super sweet Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike! Also try to lvl a bit more, lvl 72 is a bit low for entering Hell. Also a lot of monsters are (much) higher lvl than 72 making it very difficult for you to actually hit them. Even though you don't like Traps and you don't have a lot of skill points to juggle, Death Sentry is simply awesome...get it. Maybe also consider changing your weapon for something with Crushing Blow...


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Minor nit: DS does not work with kicks.

There are two major problems with this build - first is lack of Death Sentry, the second is inappropriate gear. Death Sentry can be effective at one point, but is best when maxed. The BoS is a bit excessive, but not a reason to restart (imho). [scratch this - see edit].

The boots are good, but physical damage is only a sliver of your damage potential. You want CB, and lots of it. Elemental damage will help with those phys packs as well.

The following equipment could be majorly upgraded:
Helm - I prefer Guilames (you are making the right choice with Guilames)
Gloves - I prefer Draculs (+skills mean next to nothing; Draculs for Life Tap or crafted Blood/Steelrends are what you want)
Weapon - there are so many things that could be better... Stormlash, Crescent Moon, and Fleshripper are some of the top, though a lot of weapons work well. Aldur's weapon is bad for a lot of reasons - and leech is next to useless in Hell anyway.

Frankly, I'd redo the build. You dumped a lot of points into skills which do nothing, and ignored the important ones. Cobra Strike is worth one point if you really want leech, but is useless otherwise. Tiger Strike only deserves a point if you are already investing in Cobra Strike. Drinking potions is not outlawed, I have been known to do that rather than get Mana Leech in Hell.

Dragon Flight is great at one point, but should not be a significant source of damage - ever. With the correct procs, lots of fast hits will do you better than one powerful hit at once a second (slow). The mobility is the important part, and you have that from one point.

Burst of Speed rarely warrants more than one point, ever. It can take up to 3 and still be acceptable to most, or up to 5 if you are a speed freak, but there are almost no real returns after that point.

Where are your other Shadow skills? Cloak of Shadows and Mind Blast should have one point for every single assassin build you make! Having a shadow would help also. Master does well at level 17+, warrior does well maxed. Venom is also a nice skill that is worthy of one point, even if you don't give it any more. (Venom and BoS stack, as do Venom and Fade. BoS and Fade do not stack.)

Traps - what is everyone's problem with these? Seriously. Blade Skills will get you through some of the hardest parts of the game (Chaos Sanctuary), and Death Sentry is crucial if you want to play quickly. The only build (aside from special projects) which should have no Death Sentry is a Pheonix Strike assassin (or possibly a DTail sin). Blade Fury is a wonder at a single point. I use Blade Sentinal through much of normal mode (cuts through fallen like a knife through hot butter). Blade Shield is completely optional, though I tend to put one point in it for its inturrupt abilities.


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First off, thanx for the suggestions and i will highly consider DS. Although i am not going to remake my 'sin (actually that old 'sin kinda seems like a dflight 'sin, atleast the way i play it), i am going to make a new one (keep old) and work on that, here is the skills i am thinking about, please feel free too suggest changes. Thanks again for help.

20-Dragon Talon (Main spell... is dragon tail much better?)
10-20-Dragon Flight
20-shadow master (or which one is the lvl 30 one)
5 to 10-BoS
10-20 DS (dont know specifically how much to use, not guna use synergies, cuz this is ma 'sin)

1-all prereq's (especially mind blast, and CoS(cloak, although i dont use much))

Equipment: Mainly same stuff as stated above, probably drac's gloves, and better weapon.

Thanx again :D


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Dragon Tail is a different build, and works much differently in terms of setup.

Master doesn't need 20 points, but works well with them anyway. If your gear (or buffing claws on switch) has some +skills, you can cut down on your investment in the shadow skills, which will allow you to get to more important skills sooner.

Flight is fun, but it still works the same at low levels. You'll find that the increased CB will significantly increase the use of Talon, and will probably change which one is your favorite to use. :thumbsup:


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cool, thanx for the tips, i currently have guillames face, upp'd gores and stregnth (runeword), and i got 75% chance of crushing blow :clap:
and i am doing better with dealing more damage, and i'm about to start on a new char, but i got finals in school this week, and it'll be a while before i get back on (June 23 ish) so, ya... thanx again,(especially ilkori) any more tips would be cool.