I'm having a very good week


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I'm having a very good week

Since my last post got erased I had to write it again. Sunday I found my Windforce and today the IKSC. Now I only need 11 items to go for my Grail. Just too happy to keep it to myself.

Hydra Bow
Two-Hand Damage: 35 to 241
Required Dexterity: 167
Required Strength: 134
Required Level: 73
Bow Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x92a40a72
+10 to Strength
+5 to Dexterity
+250% Enhanced Damage
Heal Stamina Plus 30%
6% Mana stolen per hit
20% Increased Attack Speed
+3 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)

Immortal King's Soul Cage
Sacred Armor
Defense: 1301
Durability: 58 of 60
Required Strength: 232
Required Level: 76
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x1a8825f8
+400 Defense
Poison Resist +50%
+2 to Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
5% Chance to cast Level 5 Enchant when struck

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
25% Faster Hit Recovery
Cold Resist +40%
Fire Resist +40%
Lightning Resist +40%
+50% Enhanced Defense
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

Wish me luck on the last 11 items.

Takis (El_Greco)


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The Windforce was from the pit and the IKSC was on WSK right after I left the waypoint.

Edit: Sorry wildjinn I'm a little slow but I used my zealot with about 425 MF.

Takis (El_Greco)


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Congratulation for your find.
So far, I have only get really rare/nice item, that is Windforce(from pit). :)


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Nice work, El Takis. :D

Good luck with the rest of the grail, particularly now that the WF is with you. :surprise:


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Dolph said:
Nice finds!
Mind telling wha the 11 items are?
Griffons Eye
Tyrael's might
Templar's might
Shadow Dancer (boots)
Executioner's Justice
Asteo'sd wand
The cranium Basher
Stone Crusher
Mang Song's Lesson
Death's web
Metal Grid (ring)

I still have a way to go, there some really hard items on the list. But I feel better now that I got the IKSC because I know this map seed drops Sacred armours.

Takis (El_Greco)