I'm going to Hong Kong...again


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I'm going to Hong Kong...again

I went to HK last summer and I hated the long non-stop flight( 13 hrs)

My family decided to go back there again and see the relatives like my grandma and cousins. I won't be able to come here often till June :(

I leave on Monday....I'm sure I can break my otf addiction in 3 weeks...


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Get some nice gadgets while you're at Hong Kong. They're definitely much better than the ones we can get here. Buy a few digital cameras and mp3 players and maybe even phones =D


If you ever want to go to China then now is the time. In another 5 years all thats left of old China in the major cities will have been torn down for new buildings.


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They have great bespoke clothing there, too, and it is usually relatively cheap. BTW, Tylenol PM is great for those long flights (although I have never been on one as longs as 13 hours nonstop.) It is gentle but helps you sleep to counter jetlag.