I'm doing it again (Countess Runs)


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I'm doing it again (Countess Runs)

I used to do numerous Countess Runs and post my rune drops statistics in, iirc, Vemp's Countess thread. But now I'm starting my own.

So here, after around 12 hours of play and 500 Countess runs...

208 El Rune
122 Eld Rune
130 Tir Rune
67 Nef Rune
64 Eth Rune
58 Ith Rune
70 Tal Rune
34 Ral Rune
57 Ort Rune
27 Thul Rune
29 Amn Rune
23 Sol Rune
13 Shael Rune
11 Dol Rune
10 Hel Rune
3 Io Rune
2 Lum Rune
5 Ko Rune
4 Fal Rune
4 Lem Rune
1 Pul Rune
1 Um Rune
2 Mal Rune

Highlights, obviously, are the 2 Mal runes (one from run 370, the other from run 430). The Um dropped in run 290, and the Pul in run 413. :) So as of now the highest rune that Countess ever dropped me since I can remember in v1.10 is Mal. Hope that improves as I kill her some more.

I cubed them all, at least as much as possible, and this is the output...

1 El Rune
2 Eld Rune
1 Tir Rune
2 Nef Rune
2 Eth Rune
Ith Rune
2 Tal Rune
1 Ral Rune
1 Ort Rune
2 Thul Rune
1 Amn Rune
2 Sol Rune
1 Shael Rune
1 Dol Rune
1 Hel Rune
2 Io Rune
1 Lum Rune
Ko Rune
Fal Rune
Lem Rune
1 Pul Rune
Um Rune
1 Mal Rune
1 Ist Rune ---> Presently, my highest rune.

Out of the 500 runs, around 15 didn't drop any rune, not even an El.
I don't just kill the Countess, but also those around her that dare come close to me and my merc. So might not be very accurate for those who want to just kill the Countess.

There are some gold and green items that dropped, here are some worth mentioning...
Bonehew, Nature's Peace, Hotspur, Blackhorn's Face, Skin of the Vipermagi, Corpsemourn, Thundergod's Vigor, Pus Spitter, Stormspike, Bloodtree Stump, Todesfaelle Flamme, Swordguard, Arcanna's Sign, Trang-Oul's Wing, Guillaume's Face, Immortal King's Detail/Forge/Pillar, Hwanin's Splendor, and Rite of Passage.

Hopefully, all goes well as I continue my Countess runs. I'm starting my next 500 runs, now have 30 runs less to do to my next 500.
But I'm thinking... why am I doing this???
I don't expect to have a Zod by doing Countess runs and cubing all the runes, unless I also plan not to go out for the next year or two. So why?
Kinda weird, I started this without even having a purpose why I'm doing it... :(

Oh well, maybe the more I do it, the more I will underastand why. Or maybe not... :p :lol:



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Even the cubing must take a long time!


Even the cubing must have taken a long time, let alone the running itself.

It is a good thing people do this; because it gives insight into the statistics of the game. Maybe you could keep that in mind whenever you think you're going crazy!



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maxgerin said:
But I'm thinking... why am I doing this???
Because pirates threatened to bite out your teeth :D

what character are you using? and keep up the good work, looks like your one of the few people here who is actually dedicated and doesnt have the attention span of a drunken, flea bitten monkey(but wheres the fun in that)

nice items there too


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You averaged 1.89 runes per drop thats not to shabby I thought the players 1 drop rate was a bit higher than that though oh well.

Good finding the 2 mal's keep up the search :)


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I was doing something similar until my old PC broke down - exactly on run 400. I had a similar breakdown with just 1 Mal. My best item drop, however, was a HoZ :D :D . Of course I was shooting for Ist and didn't even have enough to cube one. Oh well...

Good luck on your quest.


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Thank you all for the encouragement! :)
Will continue posting until I get tired of doing more runs. :lol:



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Very, Very nice work. Thanks for the update too. If you don't mind, could you give a quick summary of your build? I am planning a meteorb sorc for running hell countess, using my merc to make the kill because she is almost always/always CI/FI. My summoner found a Reapers Toll from Hell meph last night, so I just need to level my sorc/merc enough to be able to handle the runs. I just got into hell last night.

For your build summary, if you could just give level/build type, merc gear and any special tips or tactics you use. Thanks and congrats again on the nice runes!


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With more runs then you i've got a Pul from countess and a pul from a minion.

Every day i find I'm a D2 N00b :D, or very unlucky,
To do's for weekend -> change SPF nick to unlucky_13


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I nominate maxgerin and Illiana as full members of the official SPF Looney Farm.

You know, running Countess is just crazy ... because last night I was finally levelling my Hybrid Witchy/LF zon and Hell Andariel dropped a Gul rune among other assorted stuff. Meph dropped me a Mal rune awhile back.

You just never know. Great for cubing supplies that Countess though.


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I don't usually like running the Countess, but that's a nice set of runes you got there:) Lots of useful stuff! What are you going to do with the runes? Lionheart, Delerium, upgrading??


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With this kind of dedication you should be running Act 5 chests... The results could be quite a bit more tasty than an Ist


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SincereX13 said:
With this kind of dedication you should be running Act 5 chests... The results could be quite a bit more tasty than an Ist
Ehh, what area? I do run some chests in one of tournaments, but there are not as many chests in any area in Act5 as in LK. The outdoor areas are quite good, but not as good for a character without teleport.


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@Ron - if your sorc is made for countess running, I don't see any good reason to hold off. My countess runner started running at lvl 63, very low for hell, but with decent fcr and a bit of fhr she could get to the countess safely and kill quite quickly on p1. She gained exp reasonably quickly this way too, at least until the mid 80s.

My build is a cl sorc but I think a dual damage build may be better now and your merc can easily finish the countess off like you said.


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Thanks to everyone! :)

For my character, I use my v1.09 Zealot (Zeal/Fanaticism) Pally.
Since I don't have the time then to fix him for v1.10, and I even doubt I still can. He is my first real character. So I just decided to do Countess runs with him.

Character name : MAXWELL
Character type : Paladin
Character level : 83
Character exp : 887920342

Strength : 151
Energy : 57
Dexterity : 123
Vitality : 179
Stat Points Rem : 0
Skill Points Rem: 2

Life : 920 / 741
Mana : 263 / 201
Stamina : 436 / 325

Skills are completely in disarray. Everything has at least 1 point.
20 for Fanaticism
13 for Zeal
and 8 wasted points in Redemption.
So, as you can see, this build did not have direction.

Item wise...

My Pally (probably not the best combination of gears, just playing around, trying stuff)
Armor: "Stone" Runeword
Helm: Crown of Ages with (rare jewel -15% req; add 15-38 fire; 1-95 lightning damage)
Shield: HoZ with "Um" rune
Weapon: Baranar Star, yes it sucks. Will use Azurewrath if and when he can equipt it.
Weapon Switch: Naj's Puzzler, for the Teleport
Ammy: Mara's 28%
Belt: String of Ears ---> probably should switch to Verdungo's...
Gloves: Soul Drainer
Boots: Gore Rider
Rings: Raven Frost and BKWB 5%

My Barb Merc
Helm: Perfect Vamp Gaze
Armor: Shaftstop
Weapon: Eth Djinn Slayer (sockets still open) ---> most likely there's a better one.

Game style wise I go with the basic, teleport til you get to the Countess then switch and hack 'n slash til the lot is dead. Just have to be awake during teleport, have to avoid monster packs. There, most boring way to do runs, but what the heck, it does work. Runs take around a minute to do. Think it's still slow.

I still have no plans what to do with the runes... but I haven't combined them with my other rune stash (one that I have accumulated through regular play and past Countess runs). When I do, maybe I'll see the possibilities. :p

EDIT: I just realized that everything involved here is unplanned... The character I'm using is lost, as well as his merc--come on, who uses a Barb? :lol: And I don't even know what my goal is in doing this... save, probably, for some Ists that I wanted during my past Countess runs... Hope the endeavor does not turn out to be lost in the end. :eek:



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DaviddeJong said:

Even the cubing must have taken a long time, let alone the running itself.

It certainly did... especially with the El, Eld, and Tir runes. But as I went on, it bacame less tiring cause you see the higher runes. Problem came when I reached Thul and you need chippies. I checked my gem/rune stash and realized that I don't have enough chipped topaz. I was then forced to uncover some of my pre1.10 chipped-gem-holder-characters and convert them to v1.10 so I'll have some more in store for the next few cubing sessions. I usually don't like converting items (I still have many v1.09 items) in case I might revert back to 1.09, but I'm forced with this matter.

Spent an hour or more cubing all the drops, but it was fun. :uhhuh:

Chimaira said:
What are you going to do with the runes? Lionheart, Delerium, upgrading??
I'm not yet sure, but if I'm upgrading, what are the best nominees for this?
I know this is character/build dependent, but I think there is a staple.
I wanted to make a thread about this, where the forum members can discuss what's worth upgrading in general and why, and for specific ones why and for which build.

SincereX13 said:
With this kind of dedication you should be running Act 5 chests... The results could be quite a bit more tasty than an Ist
Really?! Where? Frigid Highlands/Arreat Plateau?
I though Kurast was the only other good rune farming area because of the quantity of chest (et. al.)... I don't like doing Kurast runs because it takes too long and haven't seen good rune drops there when I tried doing some.



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So I finished another 500 Countess runs And the result speaks for itself...

196 El Rune
138 Eld Rune
104 Tir Rune
69 Nef Rune
82 Eth Rune
45 Ith Rune
67 Tal Rune
46 Ral Rune
59 Ort Rune
37 Thul Rune
33 Amn Rune
21 Sol Rune
10 Shael Rune
10 Dol Rune
7 Hel Rune
7 Io Rune
3 Lum Rune
2 Ko Rune
Fal Rune
4 Lem Rune

It is totally a waste of time, rune wise!!! :mad:
I haven't finished cubing them yet, I'm very tired now. Forced myself to finish it when I told myself to stop at the 450th run.
Totally abysmal!!! Even the quantity is horrible. If Uzziah computed an average of 1.89 runes per run for my first 500, I think the ratio here would be smaller.

But while the Countess failed to impress with her rune drops, she made up for it through the Unique drops... :)
25% Mara's, HoZ, Seraph's Hymn, Skullder's Ire, and Razor's Edge.
TC3: Death's Guard

All in all, not too bad because of the Uniques.
I will stop running her for now... will probably just try SincereX13's suggestion of running Act 5 chests.



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I finished cubing the runes earlier today, but I had to run. So here is the final tally...

1		El Rune
2		Eld Rune
		Tir Rune
		Nef Rune
1		Eth Rune
2		Ith Rune
2		Tal Rune
2		Ral Rune
		Ort Rune
2		Thul Rune
		Amn Rune
		Sol Rune
2		Shael Rune
2		Dol Rune
		Hel Rune
2		Io Rune
		Lum Rune
1		Ko Rune
1		Fal Rune
1		Lem Rune
1		Pul Rune
Very depressing considering it accounts for 500 runs. :(

Here is the over-all end tally of the 1000 runs, cubed...

2		El Rune
1		Eld Rune
2		Tir Rune
2		Nef Rune
		Eth Rune
		Ith Rune
2		Tal Rune
1		Ral Rune
2		Ort Rune
1		Thul Rune
2		Amn Rune
2		Sol Rune
		Shael Rune
1		Dol Rune
2		Hel Rune
1		Io Rune
2		Lum Rune
1		Ko Rune
1		Fal Rune
1		Lem Rune
		Pul Rune
1		Um Rune
1		Mal Rune
1		Ist Rune
Now I realize and appreciate the value of the Lo rune that Thresh dropped, which I easily traded (when it was still legal by forum) for some Elite items. But then again, I'm not hoping then and until now to get the other high level runes (especially Cham) that are needed to compliment the Lo to make runewords...



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Hours of cubing!

Funny; 500 runs makes for an hour of cubing!

I think you've showed great stamina for those addition 500 runs.
Too bad you haven't found as nice a runes as in the previous 500.

Your thread even got me to try the (NM) countess (with a barb on clvl 38). It took me about 20 minutes and I found a Hel and Ral rune. I haven't the slightest clue of what to do with 'em but I just wanted to know what it was like; a countess run (although there wasn't much running involved; champion blood clans kept me busy)!

Have fun running whatever you like!


p.s.: Hopefully you won't find that chest running in a5 is more "profitable"; I'd kill the countess 500 more times to punish her for letting you down if that's the case!


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Did another 500 Countess runs starting ~10pm last night to ~8pm today.
Was supposed to do 1000 or 1500 runs, but I think I have to stop for now.
I like the result much better than the previous 1000 runs...
She decided to drop an IST! :clap:

I didn't pick up all the runes, mainly Tal and above. But there are times when I "accidentally" (read: can't help myself) pick up lower runes... didn't include those in the tally as well as in the cubing...

81		Tal Rune
52		Ral Rune
30		Ort Rune
37		Thul Rune
28		Amn Rune
18		Sol Rune
23		Shael Rune
10		Dol Rune
9		Hel Rune
6		Io Rune
4		Lum Rune
2		Ko Rune
1		Fal Rune
3		Lem Rune
2		Pul Rune
1		Um Rune
1		Ist Rune
After cubing...

1		Ral Rune
2		Ort Rune
1		Thul Rune
1		Amn Rune
1		Shael Rune
1		Hel Rune
2		Io Rune
1		Lum Rune
1		Ko Rune
2		Fal Rune
1		Pul Rune
1		Mal Rune
1		Ist Rune
Aside from the runes, she dropped me this ring...

Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Required Level: 58
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 82
Fingerprint: 0x11ef0464
+50 to Maximum Stamina
3% Life stolen per hit
+1 to All Skill Levels
+0 to Life (Based on Character Level)



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Congratulations on the Ist rune. :thumbsup:
Don't know how you find such dedication, but well...