im back... my druid is lv 78 advice needed!


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im back... my druid is lv 78 advice needed!

so as you guys may know this is my first druid.

i have built him up to lv 78... i was wondering how am i doing here? am i doing allright?

here is my pic

(im in this game by myself)

is my DMG ok? i would like to improve it.

my gloves, belt, and ammy suck real bad, but i have a ammy that has +1 to elemental skills waiting for lv 86.

my boots are silkweave, are these ok? i probably need better ones.

anyway judge me and if you have any suggestions let me know :D i read the druid elem guide in sticky thread and im building it after that so thats why i have so much dex.

-helm- UM SHAKO
-armour- Enigma
-wep- HOTO flail
-sheild- stormsheild.

i need better rings as right now im using Raven Frost and Goul turn...... i have another raven frost should i use them both??

i hope someone can help me improve my char!

i need help improving my resistances

again sorry for being such a noob here haha im just new to this char and want to be the best i can be! i can say this, druids are MUCH more fun than barbs so im having allot of fun!


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Id try too ugrade a few of your minor items.

Maybe try an ummed jalal's and put a p diamond in the ss since it looks like your res is a little low.

Arach sash belt would be a nice improvement too.