I'm back for the fifth time


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I'm back for the fifth time

Damn Diablo 2!!

This would have to be the 5th or 6th I've tryed to give the damn thing up, but hey, here I am again :D

Some of you might remember me as Soulwound (WF zon w/tonnes of IAS) or Chronic (zealot), though I've lost both of these characters and all my gear after multiple hard drive re-formats.

At the moment I've got a DTalon/Lit. Trapper Sin in the making, she is currently at level 24 (Just got LS, though she is still getting owned.)

Do people still PvP much on these forums or not? I wouldnt mind a duel again once I get my character up and running (if anyone has any gear to help me out it would be much appreciated as I dont have anything anymore, check out C-Beat's DTalon/Trapper guide for ideas (Anything with CB/IAS/+traps etc..)


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welcome back. you are a true sign that nobody can ever really leave d2.

I could send you some stuff in a few hours for the price of your email address :D

PvP has recently picked right back up after a hiatus caused by a run of hacking
Welcome back! again..again.
As for duels, look in the ironman tourney thread, the MP stickied thread and theres a thread called 'anyone intersted in dueling?' or something simular that you could have a look in.


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Welcome back. I know what you mean about keep returning to this game. I've tried leaving a few times before too.


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If you're interested in dueling check out my tourney thread here:

I looked through C-Beat's guide, and unfortunately I don't think it's a viable pvp build (meaning you won't win more than 1 in 10). Of course few people on the SPF have tweaked out pvp characters, so you might fare pretty well against other pvm characters.


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You're Chronic? Welcome back mate (x5)

*hands him Sunbearie's shin guards of Spikes*

That will tide you over for the time being.