I'm a necromancer. I have a question for the Aura experts. <


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I'm a necromancer. I have a question for the Aura experts.

Hi, greetings, my fellow paladins. I have a question (very easy for you guys) about Auras. Many thanks.

The basic damage of my skeleton is 375. I have a BEAST runeworded axe and a lvl 89 Might Merc. So I can cast lvl 9 Fanaticism Aura and my merc can do lvl 26 Might Aura (I got "lvl 26 Aura" from http://www.lurkerlounge.com/spirea/Hirelings/Stats.shtml I don't know if it's right). What will be the damage of my skeleton after adding the two Auras? Can someone do the math for me with needed formulas?

Also, the visual effects of the two auras don't seem to stack, but alternating. Someone tell me two Auras by different people should stack. Is that ture?

Thank you so much! Btw, I really like your hammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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not sure about math but I know it's just the display that alternates both auras are "on" in effect at the same time


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I won't even bother doing the math on that, as I am not a numbers person. But as for the Auras, they will alternate around the minions and your feet. IF you have multiple auras, the effects stack, but you will not see all the graphics at the same time. Same thing applies to Warcries from barbarians

For example, my berserker barb has two auras, one from merc one from an item, and keeps 2 warcries active, and the graphics display will alternate between the 4 different graphics.


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fiercex said:

290% From Might, 93% From Fanaticism.
Yes, that is the right formula if we assume that 375 is all base damage.
I'm not saying this is wrong. I say that it looks like a huge damage for those skellies.
I've never realize how much damage (visually) an skeleton do. But I think they do little damage (even with Fanaticism active). So I see this formula more realistic:
TotalDamage = DamageFromRS * %ed + DamageFromSM

(RS = Raise Skeleton, SM = Skeleton Mastery)

I don't know if that is true or not. I'm only suggesting it as a possible formula to calculate Skeleton's damage.