I'm a little paranoid now...


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I'm a little paranoid now...

Ok I traded a single Um for SS and Arreats which I think is a helluv a deal and after the trade the guy is like hehe and stuff and im like ... take care and the just goes :D.

Now I am a paranoid person and I'm thinking he might have gave me duped items. What should I do, trade the stuff off quick?

Lord Chaos

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Just don't trade it here...but otherwise just use it...I doubt Blizzard merely bans for possession, or else a hell of alot of innocent people would get banned.


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Ss+Arreat not cost oto mcuh on nonladder

Found 5 Ss this past 2 weeks, 1x arreats though -_-

Thats my reasoning behind it ^_^


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Let's look at this from an optimist's point of view. Maybe he realized that he gave you such a great deal, then to boost his self-esteem decided to make you think they were dupes when they truly were not.

On the other hand, maybe they are dupes (though I don't know why he'd tell you that). In that case the morally and ethically right thing to do would be to let them go poof so they wouldn't further spoil the economy. I think you can guess what an unethical person would do - just don't trade them to fellow forumers.


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Looks like only time will tell... (I'm on East Ladder btw)

Is it just me or do people with sojs expect like 50 enigmas or something? I offered ALL of these for JUST one and they laugh at me like I'm a complete newb at lvl **...

+1 pally def aura charm
2 smfcs(7 and 6)
Bstar and LS
I really dont think anyone is wasting time duping SS's and arreats. Their value has taken quite a downfall.
I think he said "hehe" and what not because he was a little butthead who wanted to make you think you got screwed over.
And yes, you are paranoid. :p


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Ok I feel much better now, but, your saying SS and arreats are worth less than an Um now?

Crap... first I get ripped off trading tals armor, then griffons now this. I think I'm going to hang the towel up soon as UT2k4 is coming out soon. My horrible luck in this game will be the end of it for me...


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Maybe he just said "hehe" because he was happy at the trade, instead of being happy because he screwed you?

I say "hehe" and "ty!" most times I make a trade, even when I'm making the deal sweeter for the other person.