I'm a Guardian! (5/7) and What Next Poll?

Is the 4 player instance cap sufficient?

  • Yes, 4 players will be just fine.

    Votes: 31 53.4%
  • Yes, but I'd still be okay if they raised it.

    Votes: 14 24.1%
  • No, the cap needs to be raised.

    Votes: 11 19.0%
  • No, but if they raise it, Blizzard needs to ensure balance

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other - Post Alternate Answer

    Votes: 2 3.4%

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I'm a Guardian! (5/7) and What Next Poll?

I have some time before bed, so I'm going to introduce Guardian Drystan!

He was quite a fun character to play, and usually quite easy. A nice strong physical attack versing CI's, and a very strong cold vs PI's. Around OK's and IM, I'd unequip my weapon, and punch them, even in hell chaos.

This was a bit problematic, so I skipped him, while this was just plain annoying. I ended up smiting him with my merc beside me.

Stats LCS
STR: 87 (125)
DEX: 115 (135)
VIT: 293 (315)

I ended up with 55% chance to block with a spirit, but with a HoZ I think I'll be near 75%. I also ended up with 7k defense which I thought looked nice.

Combat Skills
7 Sacrifise
20 Zeal
20 Holy Shield

Offensive Auras
20 Holy Freeze

Defensive Skills
20 Resist Cold
1 Salvation

Helm: Kira's Guardian +65 res all (twinked in late act 5 Hell)
Armour: Duriel's Shell
Weapon: Heaven's Light Mighty Scepter (with 2 Perfect Skulls)
Shield: Spirit (LR/CR/PR +79%; FR +44%)
Amulet: Seraph's Hymn (+2 all skills; +1 defensive auras)
Ring1: Raven Frost
Ring2: Nature's Peace (twinked after guardianed)
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Boots: Gore Riders
Belt: String of Ears

The Dracul's Grasp were twinked on before I killed Hell Diablo. I was actually having trouble there, but once I got these, very little affected me. I ended up smiting Diablo, because it always hit and I'd be leaching. No trouble at all from then.

Some items I'm still aiming for are a Guardian Angel, and HoZ, both of which I've had at least 2 of on previous paladins (all previous were Zeal+Fanat, and all previous died, mostly due to IM.)

Act 2 Might
Helm: Guillaume's Face
Armour: Shaftstop
Weapon: Bonehew

Nice finds
Hellforge was pretty bad, so I took no note of it.
A Barana's Star, another Griswold's armour, Stormshield from Act 3 random flayer :grin: Was a nice surprise being my first one.

All in all, a fun and successful character. He'll probably retire for now. See what'll happen when he gets that HoZ and Guardian Angel. (When he gets it? IF! :grin:)

Now it's your turn. What would you like to see as my final two?
I'm thinking an UNtwinked Frenzy Barb, or a twinked wolf barb (I have a wolf howl, but it has a huge level requirement.)
An UNtwinked trapper, or a twinked claw/claw martial artist, or something?

Please be patient. I need to learn how to post a poll. :grin:
EDIT: Yay Poll first go! :thumbsup:


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I'd vote for the trapper. I just started one, yet another of my many unfinished projects, and she is quite fun. Still no issues at all in Act 2 NM on players 8.


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Thanks to those who have voted, but errr... It's too close. :smiley: I can't choose yet! I really don't know which to do, so I'd like some more votes, and any experience you've had with any of these options.

I personally have only ever properly made one trapsin (out of the options,) and have no great experience with with the other 3 builds, so any experience, opinions, and fun factor are greatly appreciated.

Also, I'm wondering why people have voted/thought the way they did? Was it for a certain type of challenge or build style points?

For twinked char info:
I've got a couple of Jade Talons and Bartucs which would probably be the only things I'd twink onto the assassin, and a wolfhowl for the barb.
Any other twinks would only come from necessity.

Thanks for any discussion, and assistance in making up my mind. :thumbsup:

Good luck with your trapper. I hope she become one of your great finished project. :)


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Thats quite an achievment sir :thumbsup:

And its your fifth , only two remaining !

And woah , your gear is really good. My guardians usually end up with really bad gear. I mean , BAD.

And go for martial artist , using pheonix strike as main attack. Max syngergies that affect 1 and 2 charge and you'll get a very interesting character to play :smiley:
I'd go with untwinked , but thats me .

Edit : took a look at your gear again , and i changed my mind. Its not good, its what i consider godly. Its very cool that you managed to get them in hardcore :thumbsup:


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grats on the pat!

I recommend a frenzy barb untwinked or MA assassin, both are very challenging builds that require a lot of strategy because brute will always make you dead quick. I never liked trappers much aside from the pvp hybrids.


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Online said:
And woah , your gear is really good. My guardians usually end up with really bad gear. I mean , BAD.
You should see my twinked necro! He was I think my 2nd guardian, and despite being twinked, he still had a useless ring
I've MF'd hell meph/pindle a bit with my now level 90 Blizzer since then, and the rewards are these items. Unfortunately, they're the only ones I have, and will have to MF if I want to twink any more, except for Bonehews (I've recently had an avalanche of these little items :grin:.)

I'd like to go a martial artist, as most of my characters so far have been fairly safe/defensive cookie cutter builds (summoner, blizz, LF/CS, wolf, and HF'adin,) so I wouldn't mind a more offensive and unusual build.

As to the barbarian? Heh, purely even on the poll. I think I'll have to go untwinked frenzy, and maybe only twink my wolfhowl for some shapeshifting fun later on. Or leave combat skills until hell, and just go with a normal attack for now. Either way, barbs aren't my specialty. :grin:

Thanks for the suggestions! :thumbsup:


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I'd like to go a martial artist, as most of my characters so far have been fairly safe/defensive cookie cutter builds (summoner, blizz, LF/CS, wolf, and HF'adin,) so I wouldn't mind a more offensive and unusual build.

Go for martial artist man , they're loads of fun :smiley: I played two of them (using pheonix strike) to late hell in hardcore. Untwinked too and i didnt do any MFing. I can say for sure that is the most interesting build i've played.
I can only imagine what it would be like if you managed to get like +10 to all skills :thumbsup:

P.s I had +2



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Congratulations, that man. Well done. I voted for the wolf barb. I just think its funky how they do shouts and then look like a wolf. I need to get out more ...


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make the wolfbarb they rule. (passion runeword in off hand and hurty wepon in main hand works like a charm to lvl him up) :D and the martial artist there far more fun then trappers


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I guess since this is SPF, Durf/Poing/boobies isn't a valid poll option?

I would go with the untwinked frenzy, I have done one of those on b.net, and I got to NM Act 3 before I got bored. Only problem is that I could only find slow, sloooow weapons, so I hope you have more luck!


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Ok. I've decided (mostly.)

I'll be going for a twinked martial artist, not sure what types are viable, but I'll look at a guide or two. Despite the poll being for a trapper, the arguments of those who voted for MAs were really convincing. :thumbsup:

And I'll try to go for a wolfbarb, but since that's only available at a later level, I might try a partial hybrid if it's possible.

A few questions if anyone can help me out.
1. I know a wolfbarb can only use wolf offensive skills, but can a wolfbarb in wereform use shouts and warcries?

2. Does the frenzy speed bonus remain present when one shifts into a wolf, or does it disappear? (A mad speedy wolf with frenzy spinning about him along with feral rage? :grin:)

Also, I'm going to limit twinking to the bare necessities. The werewolf barb helm, and the claws if they're required. I'll only twink things on when they are absolutely required, and it becomes difficult with practically no other viable options. I'll try to keep it as char-found as I can, and that includes runes.
Hope it won't be too much of a challenge. :rolleyes:

3. Does anyone know of any good low level runewords? The only one I found was Strength (Amn+[tir?]) with CB and IAS.

pancakeman said:
I guess since this is SPF, Durf/Poing/boobies isn't a valid poll option?
:( Sorry man, forgot all about this option. If I make a new poll, I'll be sure to add one in.

Thanks again for the advice :innocent:


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During Act 1 it's not uncommon for me to run the Countess a little for some Tir and El runes. Tir-El is Steel, in swords, axes or maces. Fair chunk of IAS and 50% open wounds. Not too much enhanced damage, but early on I find it's not needed too much so long as the enemy's hit often enough for OW to kick in.

By Act 2 I normally go back to the Countess for some El, Eth and Ith runes. Ith-El-Eth, "Malice", in any melee weapons is a very nice toy. Not too much enhanced damage again, but guaranteed OW on hitting a monster. Between the Eth rune, AR bonus and -defense per hit it also does wondrs for a character's AR rating, which I find normally needs a boost once you get past level 15 or so. Oh and it gives you a cheap source of PMH too. The only downside being that you need something to counter the negative health regeneration. Something with "replenish life +6" or more. It's worth noting that even at +5 I still seem to be losing health due to malice, albeit very slowly. Or you could use a Prayer merc, though if he dies then you have the problem back again. In all, the life drain isn't really an issue, but I prefer taking steps to make sure that even if I forget it's there it won't reduce me to 1hp in time for a lightning bug to kill me with a stray spark.

"Strength", as you've already found is another nice toy once you've found the Amn rune, and is normally the next runeword I'll use if I get that far.

Past that, I'm not sure as I haven't really taken a melee character past Act 2 NM in LoD yet. There's other low level runewords around but I haven't played with those yet so don't have much idea about them.