I'll be joining you single players


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Hello all!

I finally decided to step out of the shadows and evolve from being a mere lurker (which I've been for quite a while). Why? Because I absolutely love checking item find threads and would very much like to participate in them!

Diablo is the only game series I've really ever loved, and I always keep coming back to it, especially Diablo 2. I started with Diablo 1 in the 90's, moved on to Diablo 2 when it got released and quite actively played it in B.net sinking something that must've been several thousands of hours into it. Tried Diablo 3 as well, and actually sank a significant amount of hours into it too, before I had to admit that it never became what I had hoped it would be and lacked the Diablo-magic.

Now, for the last few years I've more actively read about your septs, challenges, time travelling, theory crafting and so on. Actually even tried some of them myself and had fun doing so. The amount of information on this site is unbeliveable, and I've learned SO much!

Few weeks back I started clean and now I have a level 87 SC blizzard sorceress sitting in act 5 hell. She will be played untwinked, FAM, and is currently on the hunt for Shako, Skullder's and such - The basic mf stuff. My best items are Mara's [email protected] from yesterday (yay!), vipermagi and two magic mf-rings (30% and 31%). I don't have any actual goal for her, except for finding the equipment to be able to effectively run AT for better gear which I might not even need. I just love finding it :) So far single player seems awesome even though I always preferred b.net before.

Blabbering aside, gonna hit Pindle, Meph and item find thread now!



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Welcome! It's great to see people continuing to join and share their finds and progress on their projects


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Your shins have been kicked, and your pants and wallet stolen, what a warm welcome already!

Go join the Untwinked 99er thread, and pick a melee class, for coolness points!


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Don't mind the missing items and sore shins. You won't be going out without wallet or pants, and you might want a rest for your shins to recover. Might I suggest some D2 as treatment?

Welcome to the SPF!