ik set armor socket question


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So I have full ik and I have all my sockets placed besides the armor (which I put a socket into). I was wondering what would be a good choice. I personally was thinking about a cham rune so I could use something other then ravenfrost, maybe a bk or Nature's peace instead idk. Asking this because I have the cham rune but idk if there may be something more worth while or if ravenfrost is rlly worth more then another ring.


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Cham is a good idea because Ravenfrost is to be avoided for barbs, as it deals cold damage which shatters corpses rather often, making them unavailable for the find item/potion skill (aka horking). Nature's Peace is a terrible choice because it prevents horking as well. It might be useful for a few particular purposes, however, like versus Nihlathak of Baal minion wave 2. A BK ring isn't that useful, a barb doesn't really need bonuses to skills. I would probably choose a sexy rare life leech ring, respectively two of them.

Regarding the other sockets, perhaps ptopazes or %ed jewels, as the IK set is pretty bad on the offense. Just no %ed/maxdmg ones (or %ed/mindmg) because they are bugged in non-weapons.

As you have BK swords on the switch, you could add further IAS by jewels as well.