IK maul question


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IK maul question

If you have the IK set and you are a WW barb, how much IAS do you need to reach the final bp. or what bp can you reach? the gloves give 25 IAS the maul has 40 on it and if you have ed/ias jewels in it to give an extra 30. what do you need? thanks

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Dual shael the maul. ONLY weapon speed matters when whirling.

Ogre Maul base weapon speed is 10.

Two handed whirl breakpoints are IIRC: -10, -30, -60.

To reach the last whirlwind breakpoint of -60 for the maximum number of hits per whirl you must have an astonishing 70% IAS on the weapon itself. No other IAS matters.

The IK Maul comes with 40% ias and two sockets. These two sockets must provide 30% more IAS.

Your options therefore are:

Dual shael rune
Shael rune + something/15% IAS jewel
dual something/15% IAS jewel

I recommend dual shael. It's the cheapest option.