IK barb, question


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IK barb, question

Hello, nice to be back :)
I haven't played diablo for some time, and i started perhaps 3 weeks ago.

I have managed to gather full IK and an barb torch... low raven... and stuff...

And I saw this guide here - the IK barb guide. And started creating one - still under progress. My friend also made an IK barb at the same time and said that he wanted to make it do Uber diablo runs. I guess he means the diablo clone? I understand that there's something called Uber tristram??
In the IK barb guide the main skill is whirlwind.
But I want to be able to kill Uber diablo also..
In the guide he maxes, Shout, BO, WW, Mace Mastery, Rest Iron skin...

How would you arrange your skill points and would you use Beserk or Concentrate?

Again a dilemma, Beserk is NiCe for Immunes but Concentrate is nice for bosses..

I want to be able to do PvM also and not just bosses, is Beserk enough for handling D2 close (Uber Diablo) or do I need concentrate? and how would you arrange skill points?

Thanks a thousand times in advance, I would be very pleased to have your point of views on this subject..

Ce Olba


Why? Berserk lowers your defense, making your vulnerable for a moment (as it skips the defense part totally, giving your opponent 95% chance to hit you), which is bad. Also, if you use a shield, you can be a deep trouble, as you will find that with no defense, the only defensive thing you got is your Shield, and with zero defense, all the hits will go straight to your block, causing you to block a lot. Now, since block-lock no more exists, you will take huge amounts of extra damage and REMAIN in the blocking animation.

As for Immunes, 1 point is ALWAYS enough.

For Ubers, Concentrate is way better, because during the uber tristram, you will be surrounded by enemies that will constantly hit you, causing you to go into hit recovery or blocking animation a lot. You will also find yourself dying quickly with all the minions around you.


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So how many points would you suggest to put into concentrate?

and thanks for your reply.


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You're not going to be terribly successful in Uber Trist with the IK set in general (low defense, low damage, no block, no life tap, etc). I'd just keep the one point of conc, one point of berserk, and look into scrounging up better gear if you're going after Ubers.