Ignore Target's defense


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Ignore Target's defense

does this mean that you will hit the monster every time or just more often?

thanks for any info!


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Hit nearly every time (95%) as long as the monster isn't Unique, a Champ or an Act Boss.

(Chance lowers if there's a Big lvl Gap)


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Here's the formula from the Arreat Summit:

This ability will not work on Unique Monsters, Super Unique Monsters, Hirelings, other players, and Act-end bosses.

What the game does is that set the Defensive Rating of the target to 0. That means it simplifies to:

AR = 100 * 2 * alvl / (alvl + dlvl)

AR = Attack Rating; alvl = Level of Attacker; dlvl = Level of Defender.

So there is still an effect of the level difference on the chance to hit and there is still a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 95% chance to hit.

Using some examples, if you are 40 and the enemy is 50:
8000 / 90
= **.88888888888 % Chance to hit
Still quite high

If you are 10 and the enemy 20:
2000 / 30
= 66.66666666666666 % Chance to hit
Not so hot