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Ignore List

Is anyone here very liberal with the ignore feature? I have never used it in these forums. I find that no one here is enragingly annoying enough to warrant that.

In a different forum there was someone who only posted html songs, annoying ones, and nothing else. Also a prostitute who liked to post pictures of herself.

Aside from that kind of nonsense, it really doesnt even occur to me to use it.

Does anyone here?


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I've used it a couple of times in here. Once with someone who took a disliking to me for no apparent reason, and once for someone who was banned after a few days. No one on it currently.


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I used it on jimmy_mac and Apoc back when I was still knee-high to a grasshopper. Ah...good times. Since I've never used it and at this rate, I'll never have to use it again. Even the more annoying members still have something to provide and it's worth reading others' opinions.


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I only use it on crazy people.

Wow I wonder where all the posts in this thread went...

(I don't think anyone got this joke...oh well)


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axeil said:
(I don't think anyone got this joke...oh well)
How would you expect them to?! Everybody has you on their ignore list. :lol:

I was kidding ... you probably knew that but one can never be sure.

I've only ever used the ignore feature once - and that was way back during my first few months of posting here. I doubt I'll ever use it again.


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Ignore function....? didn't realize there was one, ah well now i know. don't think i'll need it though.