If you see a yellow military pick on the ground, what will you do? o


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If you see a yellow military pick on the ground, what will you do?

a. Ignore it
b. Make an iron gloem with it
c. ID it perfectly knowing the it vendor a 5k gold at best.

I don't know, I just pick it up, ID it and go to akara.

Demon Sunder
Military Pick
Damage : 32 to 64
370% enhanced damage :lol:
13 maximum damage
226 AR
1-35 lightning damage
+2 mana per each kill
Level 5 sacrifice (22/32 charges)

Upped to Elite, damage would be 141-239
It's not godly, but I'm very happy. :clap:


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picking up every rare weapon... why not? its not that its hard to identify them, really...


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I pick up all the rare weapons I can find, just incase one of them has godly mods and can be upped.


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Same here... I pick up and ID a lot of rares.

The possibility to upgrade rares makes the previously simple "ignore everything that isn't elite" a thing of the past :-(

Still, I wish D2 characters would gain "auto-id" at some level (maybe only if they have rescued cain) --- it feels a bit stupid having to use those ID scrolls all the time. It's not like ID scrolls are rare or something (this D2, not nethack)... scrolls (ID and TP) might be an issue for a starting untwinked player, but for any higher level char they are just an annoyance.
Similar with keys, of course --- I always wonder how those chests can survive the battles, or why a barb wielding the most powerful weapon in the universe cannot open a wooden chest without a mass-produced generic key...


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If the barb uses his mega-goddly-weapon to the chest, it might break the items inside the chest too, not just the chest.

Just have a blast running back to town to get more tp's.

Me and myself pick up every rare that drops and also every magical elite item. Normally because the gamble money, that vendors gib. :p

Cheers, Naitti


The more I learn about this game, the more stuff I have to pick up and ID, it could be somthing godly..:

rare weapons, especially bows
rare gloves, belts and boots, circlets... rare everything really, exept body armor (unless I need money)
magic circlets
magic gloves (3/20..)
magic monarchs (jewelers of deflecting..)
magic amazon javelins (6java/40ias...)
jewelry (duh)

it is really quite exhausting.. :yawn:


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Since we have Oath, I don't pick up rare weapons at all, except I need money. The chance for a rare weapon being better than e.g. Oath is let's say 1 in 100,000. You need the cruel and master's prefix with not too bad rolls and the "of speed" suffix at least and in most cases you have to upgrade the weapon as well. As an average Oath costs perhaps Ist, it's not worth to pick up 100,000 rare weapons, buy and use 100,000 ID scrolls (or go to Cain 50,000 times), spending 500,000-1,000,000 seconds for the whole etc. just for an Ist rune.

However, I pick up rare gloves and if I'm in a good mood, rare boots, hoping for +2/20IAS/leech gloves or triple res/frw/frh boots. Sometimes I also ID magical elite armor and monarchs, it could be a jewelers armor/shield of something. However, if you don't do it ocntinuously, you will probably miss the single one of those 10,000 monarchs which is a jeweler's one of deflecting...


pick em all up. i even pick up magic jewelry and hope for a very nice mf roll ( 50 % mf ring anyone ? :p )

honestly, how hard is it to visit cain every no wand then ?


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I pick up a lot of things for the money, even blue or normal items.

Once I ID'd a blue small crescent. It was a Pestilent small crescent of anthrax... Got a Pul for it...


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I pick up everything. Especially class specific stuff that can have + skills. Mostly I sell for gold. I even pick up the low level uniques and sets to drop them in FREE games.


SirDooFuss said:
I pick up everything. Especially class specific stuff that can have + skills. Mostly I sell for gold. I even pick up the low level uniques and sets to drop them in FREE games.
I try to do that too, the only problem now is that there are no newbies left. I drop nice stuff for small characters, and noone wants it.. If you want to make someone happy nowadays, you have to drop a "nigma".. :rolleyes:


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I pickup anything magical and class specific. When you start off with a new char a good way to amass gold is to pick staves, wands, especiallly with + to skills....usually 5K...which isn't much in the sceme of things but when your starting off its a big help :thumbsup:


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I tend to gamble a lot, so I'll generally pick up...

Any exceptional or elite armor, regardless of quality (Ghost armor is worth like 15k white I think? Not shabby..)
Any elite sheild, plus grim sheilds
Any desireable rare weapon (the ones everyone likes, hydra bows, zerkers, etc. and their norm/excep counterparts)
Any rare jewelry, of course
Any rare gloves or boots

I'll also, depending on my mood, pick up rare belts, and magic jewellry.