If you had to start trapper with no gear, what would stats be? der


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If you had to start trapper with no gear, what would stats be?

I'm going to make a trapper for new ladder season (HARDCORE), and I'm wondering what stats I should put points into. The trapper would be 20LS/20DS/20CBS + 20FB, rest into Sweb, 1 pt into MB and BoS. She would use a SHIELD with enough dex for 65% block, so keep that in mind.

Because of hardcore, I know I want as much Vit as possible. But without any starting gear, and very limited gear to initially trade for (in a new season), how would you allocate your stats? I don't think you can assume you'll get an anni, or sintorch, or Mara's or anything of that nature that could add significant stats. At the same time, you wouldn't want to be sitting at 85, 79str and the rest vit/dex for blocking, only to find stormshield.

So how would I allocate my strength? (no energy, of course)? I'm assuming 79 will be the very least, because that is the lowest req for the claws that have the best mods (+traps + LS) (or can lower requirement claws have +3 traps +possibly LS?)

Or should I assume that I will use a spirit shield until/if I find SS, and put 156 pts into str? Or maybe assume I will eventually have at least +10 from sintorch, +str from Tgod's, etc, allocate only the necessary points, and wear low str, fairly crappy gear until I find/trade for those?

From what I can tell, the choice comes down to assume you'll use SS, put 156 pts into str. Or, assume you'll have anni/sintorch/maras/Tgods/etc, and put only as much as you need (probably closer to ~75str). However that does sound unreasonable to assume I'll be able to achieve those items, and I might be playing handicapped for some time.

I might be missing something, so maybe you guys can suggest some ideas.


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Depends if you dont mind re-making or not.

If you dont mind re-making, put 156 in str etc so can use what you want. If you do mind re-making assume 100% perfect gear and compensate for this low str with PAme socks etc until you get everything for the perfect gear placement. :thumbsup:


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Stormshield, on a trapper? I've been playing softcore too long. (Actually, a number of hardcore players have suggested 50/50 in the past to get Blade Talons, and then pump vitality. What it comes down to is this: is it better to have 35% damage reduce, or an extra few hundred life to hit that rejuv?