If You Had to Start Over From Scratch, How Would You Go About It?


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If You Had to Start Over From Scratch, How Would You Go About It?

Hey guys,
I'm one of those returning addicts who just can't get away from D2.

I have a few questions. Namely, the title of this thread. If you had to completely start from scratch with the intention of leveling up a strong character capable of soloing hell and obtaining top-tier items, then proceed to create other characters (for PvP, experimentation, and such), how would you do it? What class and build would you use? Perhaps more importantly, how would you use it? I've heard good things about Fishymancers, but I'm not sure how well one would do in places like Hell Meph, and boss runs in general. I think an assassin would be fun, but most of them seem to require high-end equipment to be effective (barring the Ghost, who doesn’t sound like she fares well in Hell). I remember trying to make a meteorb sorc last time, but she was pretty frail in Hell and as such wasn't particularly good at running anything consistently. How do you folks do it?



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First, I'd put my mind off PvP. I'd make a cheap and common MFing build and do a zillion meph/ countess/ andy/ baal/ key runs.

Key runs seem to be the way to go. If you can give all the keys to a *TRUSTED* friend to kill the mini-ubers and land you with a dozen or so organ sets, you'll already score a lot of dough...seeing how on UswestL, organ sets go for ~3 HRs each.


I prefer to start with a summoning necromancer. He can solo the game nekkid pretty much and the gear to make him really impressive, isn't very expensive. Seriously.:wink3:


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I just did restart.

I get to hell asap.

If I use a sorc I run meph.

If I make a necro, like I did this time - I run wsk and baal over and over until I can get an enigma.

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Ditto, just started. Would be quite pleased if the ladder reset now. :)

Only i wouldn't waste any time trying a necro and would go straight for the big guns for my first toon. :)


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Well, I did restart recently. I had a decent account and let it expire when I worked 70 hours a week. Now that I am no longer in that job I came back to play a little.

I made a Strafe-Zon. Relatively safe leveling...I leveled myself to Nightmare Act5 to get used to the game again, then I went on neverending MF runs with crap topazed gear.

I killed Pindle-Shenk-Andy-Meph ect till I got some gear accumulated for a DT-Trapsin (my fav from a while back). I also started a Zealot and Fishymancer to kill the monotany.

Things are going pretty good, I've had some help with the other toons, far as boss kills go. But I do recommed using a easy Strafe-zon to get some levels and possibly some gear.

I'll probably delete her soon and clear a spot for another toon because lets face it, strafe in hell with no great gear is SLOW. However, I did finally get her a WWS bow just tonight (she's 78). So I might keep her for a short time, but the Sin is now 76 and Act5 Hell, so time for some runs!

Goos luck and welcome back.



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Depends, do you want to UBERPWNZOR or do you want to just have fun?

Yeah... if you just want to have some fun, you shouldn't really worry about obtaining the top items again.


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Sorceresses are good untwinked and can teleport for faster bossruns or keyruns (just remember that Countess is CI/FI so that's nothing you'd bring a meteorber to) in a few mephruns you should have some starter gear for other cheap classes.

Necro Summoners (also known as "fishymancers" after a guide by Nightfish) require barely no gear at all, some consider they a bit slow but they get stronger when you reach endgame items.

Javazons are not all that expensive to get viable and fastkilling, but if you want to reach topend gear they cost ALOT.

Bow Amas can be made in cheap ways, a simple Witchwild String works fine in Hell especially when upped.

Conviction Zealers, Paladins are overall very expensive, but those guys can fare relatively well untwinked, get some cheap fast elemental damaging weapons and youy're good ot go.

IK barb, maybe not first char you can afford due to armor being a bit expensive, but it can be afforded after a lucky hf or two.

Trap assas works fine untwinked PvM and even crap geared ones can kill some noobs in low duel games, (don't expect to kill anything decent with that gear though)

Fire Claw druids only need a Phase Blade with some Shaels and it'll do some ok damage PvM.

Hammerdins are very expensive to get decent gear for, but even crap ones can kill stuff in hell.

So there is a lot to choose from :smiley::smiley::smiley:


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At the beginning of a season I start characters in the following sequence:

1. Meteorb sorc (MF)
2. Zealot (übers, dclone in case he appears)
3. CL/FO sorc (easier keyruns)

I don't start a necro at that point. Even though they are rather good with bad equipment, they are too slow at what I want to do in the beginning (which is Meph+Andy in nightmare, then Meph+Andy in hell and Pindle+Eldritch+Tunnels later).

After that, the fun begins (although I already have fun with finding stuff with the above characters). I normally start with a strafer.

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I wouldn't start over

but, since I have many times...

I never started with a sorc, just doesn't work for me

I started up a SP paladin and he was alot of fun, I happened to get mephisto really easy to get to and I ran him like crazy to get plenty of low lvl junk that served me well

I also ladder ran as a bowzon which went great until I found myself in hell with a kuko

and I started a frenzy barb from scratch which went well until I found myself in the middle of NM using civerbs cudgel

I never had a system for item finding, I would strap on lots of MF but I wouldn't build MFers, I didn't find them to be fun enough, I would play the fun char for awhile, then build a MFer down the road, but then I haven't had a MF character in 3 years since I never played for long enough to need one


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I would begin with :

- Blizzard sorc for Hell Meph MF'ing
- Summoner necro for Level 85 Areas + Baal MF'ing
- Smiter paladin for über-thingies
- Lightning sorc for Key running

Now I need a Ladder Reseeeeeeet :rant: :badteeth: !!!


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The absolute best build ever would be a Holy Fire Paladin. Kills everything in Hell difficulty in seconds, even naked.


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Nah, Holy Fire breaks immunes. If you have problems just pump Prayer.
Oh really ? Never heard about that :shocked: ! You definitely learn something every day. Do you have a link of some sort to this feature ? And does it work for Holy shock vs. lightning immune monsters too ?