If anyone would be interested...


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Hi I have a few items that someone could be interested in (with some luck):

Ormus Robe 14/13/14 +3 Thunder Storm
Lidless Wall 274 def
Thunderstroke +4 java 169ed
3os Mage plate
4os ebugged Wyrmhide 982def
Pal Combat Skill GC
4os Flail
5os Phase Blade
5os Flail
Laying of Hands
Tal Rasha Helm
Trang Claws

I prefer trade for runes if that would be possible. Any offer will be appreciated.
I can be reached in-game on *whitedrake1726
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Hey :)
The 4os ebugged Wyrmhide is nice. What is your price for it?
I'll start with a pul.