Identifying Diablo 2 "VIP Valise"


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Apologies for this post, but I wasn't really sure where on the 'net I could get information about a weird box I've found in my brother's old stuff... and this seemed like a possible place to get some information on it!

It looks like it was some special edition for Diablo 2, but doesn't seem to match any of the images I can see online for the Collectors editions, Exclusive Gift Set, Gift Pack or Battle chests (information seen on wikipedia).

The box is made out of strong cardboard (not the thin cardboard that PC games are normally made from).

It is totally matte black, except for the Diablo 2 logo on the front, and a red plastic carrying handle

There is a small white sticker on it which reads:
RCV 10004613
Valise VIP Diablo2
3348542111783 (The barcode)

Has anyone come across this before? Judging by the barcode it seems to have been released in France, but other than that I can't get anywhere...!