Ideal Sword/Shield setup?


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Ideal Sword/Shield setup?

Could someone give me an ideal weapon/item S/S barb setup, as well as skills? I cant seem to find an up to date guide.


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it depends on what kind of barb you are. for sword and shield if you can afford it. would be a ebotd CB and a storm shield in the other.

most people wouldn't agree with the storm shield but it has good mods and good resists to it.

i have one really and don't use it. of course i am nonladder.

if you are ladder i would assume that a grief pb would be good use.

as for nonladder there are very few good rune words for shields. for ladder though there are some good ones.


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Sword and shield baba. EbotdCb with SS / Sanctuary (some people want those for res and block).

A Grief Phase Blade can work as well but for alittle less range.


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Grief zweihander
Phoenix shield
Fortitude armor
Guillaume's helm with cham
Gore boots
Highlord's amulet
Laying/ghoulhide gloves
Dual leech rings
Some unique/set leech belt
Might merc with pride
Torch and a load of AR charms

Can't beat this :)


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Wot is this barb for pvm or pvp?

Most barbs tend to go for axes for a start due to the superiority to the swords, i.e lower requirements, like dex and str, higher dmg same ranges, as the swords and the fact that alot more runewords can be made in axes.

If ur pvm i personally think shield is a waste and rather use 2 weaps or a 2 hander, unless OFC ur making a Conc Barb.

Pvm wise the best weap combos are;

botd + botd
botd + beast
grief + beast

the reason why grief + beast is last in this is due to lack of leech and the fact that the weaps will break fast.

Botd is a common choice due to the good dmg and high leech not as high dmg as Grief + Beast but makes up for it in leech and mods.

For PvP

Grief + Beast
Botd + beast

As here dmg is more important and leech is useless in pvp where as OW+ DS is the key in pvp.


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Yes. But even more, Grief+Beast.
Been wondering about this.. I just checked that level 9 fanaticism aura grants 185% enhanced damage. Phoenix shield grants roughly TWICE as much.

So, I'm wondering Grief/phoenix > Grief/beast. This may apply BvC too..



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Death + Beast or Death + Grief are good combos. But if you're going with weapon/shield I'd go with Death and Ber'd stormshield. As for skills, it all depends on what kind of barb you want. Some more insight into this would help us help you a little better.