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Ideal Javazon Help

Discussion in 'Hardcore' started by tomatoman, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. tomatoman

    tomatoman IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Ideal Javazon Help

    I need suggestions making a javazon that can survive well and kill at a decent speed. This zon is already have made but I want to make this chara my best geared yet, because i probably wont be making another until the next ladder reset, and i dont play much anyway. Any suggestions of my gear will be appreciated

    Currently my Javazon is level 76 and heres an estimate of stats/gear
    150ish strength
    ?? Dex
    300? Vit

    Bad/decent Griffons eye (clean) --> Keeping, socket with ?
    Duriels Shell --> CoH?
    Mosers shield -- > Um/Pdia Stormshield?
    eth titans --> Eth necessary?
    tgods --> keeping?
    3java/20ias gloves --> keeping?
    ravenfrost --> ?
    dwarf star --> ?
    highlords/crescent moon amulet --> Currently i need mana leech from Cmoon.
    waterwalks? --> ?
    tstroke on switch. --> ?

    Merc looks like this
    NM Offensive
    Obediance CA --> Infinity??
    Duress Eth Great Hauberk
    Tals Mask

    I have maxed Lfury, Charged Strike, 5ish points in D/A/E, few points in all passives, maxing lightning bolt atm.

    I can get almost any items right now and my biggest question is what armor and should i go for infinity on my merc or is obedience better to kill bosses, im not really looking to mf or level fast in any specific point in the game, just looking to have an all-around char to play through some parts of hell and do whatever i feel like when im playing d2 (instead of sitting in banana channel doing nothing acting afk)


    Edit: +also, CTA, should i get one?
  2. Hp_Sauce

    Hp_Sauce IncGamers Member

    Nov 16, 2004
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    Lightning Facet


    Um'ed SS (Gerks?)

    Eth is deffinetly not necessary. Non-eth is far safer is you're CS'ing and get IM'd. Non-Eth > Eth.


    Cannot Be Frozen is nice, but I like to use these to fill in my holes i.e. Leech, Resists. +skills on the Ammy is generaly a must for me though.

    Indeed, and a shield with more Lightning Facets in it. Unless you skip the Infinity on your merc, then you may need/want a LR wand.

    Infinity ftw!

    Got any points in Valk? I don't think I would make one without a Valk myself.

    Thats pretty much my dream Zon if I was rich. I'm a big fan of PDR so I might go for the Gerks and a Sol rune or something to that effect.

    Treb and PT will be here shortly to tell you the correct build though! They r S-M-R-T!


    Edit: I also think 150 Str is too much.
    Edit2: Upped Titans req. 151 Dex and come with +20 Dex so I see little reason to have more then 131 Dex. I donno how much Dex Tstrokes req. though.

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