Ideal Gear for a PvP Asn WW etc.


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Ideal Gear for a PvP Asn WW etc.

Could someone tell me what gear they have equipped on their sin and what skill tree points and stat points they have to i know where to put it plz and thank you


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My assasin isn't great, but it gets the job done nicely. This is my equip for a ww/trap based off of happy's guide, so no trap lifers.

Helm: Coa w/ jah,um
Amulet: 2/15 amulet
Armor: Mage plate enigma
Claw1: 3ls fools claw
Claw2: 2ls/mb/df chaos
Belt: Arach
Boots: Dancers
gloves: Trang ouls
Ring1: 19str/res/fcr ring
Ring2: 20dex ravenfrost
Inventory: Anni, torch, 9 shadow lifers, 10 20life/res scs

Stats: str: enough for gear, I needed like 13
Dexterity: enough for gear, I left at base
VItality: all

Skills: max light sentry
max death sentry
max shock web
max charged bolt sentry
1 point in all shadow skills, 2 into mind blast
max venom
1 point into wake of fire
1 point into dragon flight

With that and a 6bo cta my assasin is at 3.9k life with 6.8k traps(7k if I could get a 3ls chaos with df and mb). I would prefer to use a maras and a circlet but I cant find/afford a circlet good enough to outmatch a coa.